Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pratt And Whitney Engines Disappointing Clients.....

This month Pratt and Whitney opened a brand new manufacturing facility in Singapore. It was all back slapping and smiles as they celebrated the opening.
The new plant will make critical parts for Pratt and Whitney’s brand new state of the art engine (The geared Turbo Fan). This latest overseas plant follows their trend of moving more and more work overseas.
Hiring people overseas saves money. It is all good. Except the engines suck.
Airbus has a brand new air plane they were trying to deliver with Pratt and Whitney’s new engines.
Unfortunately The engines have so many problems the first client refused to accept the planes. Give us any engines other than Pratt’s.
Since Pratt would rather save money (and deliver crap) than deliver a good product the clients do not want them.
Good! Makes me happy. I hope the trend of angry clients continue.
As the angry customers refused sub par Pratt engines……The president of Pratt and Whitney unexpectedly retired. Wonder why?
Pratt insists their engines are not crap and they will fix all the problems. They just won’t be able to fix them this month, or next month, or the month after that……but at some point later this year everything will be fixed. Stay tuned.
Qatar Airways threatened to cancel an order for Pratt & Whitney engines for a fleet of Airbus narrow-body jets on Tuesday, saying the newly developed powerplants had "a lot of problems".
Asked at the Singapore Airshow to describe his concerns, Qatar Airways Chief Executive Akbar Al Baker said: "There are a lot of things wrong with A320neo, with the engines. So we have refused to accept those airplanes.
"Let me be very clear: it is not the fault of Airbus. Airbus has delivered all their part, and as you know, no airplane can fly without an engine. And they have huge issues with the engine,"
"I don't want to get into the detail but Qatar Airways will not accept an aircraft with those engines unless they are very much corrected. Otherwise we have no alternative but to look at an alternate engine supply."
Pratt & Whitney has acknowledged teething problems on the engine but says they do not affect its 15-percent fuel savings. (THAT IS RIGHT….WHEN THE ENGINE IS IN A CRATE IT HARDLY USES ANY FUEL AT ALL. IT IS IMPRESSIVE.)
"We will not cancel the A320neo order. Our relations with Airbus are very strong. We have full confidence in the neo programme but yes, we could cancel the entire Pratt & Whitney order," Al Baker told reporters.
"According to them, they're on the way to correct these issues, but I have no confidence unless I see it really happen." (I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE EITHER. NONE.)
Pratt & Whitney officials could not immediately be reached for comment. (THEY WERE BUSY HIDING…..HOPING THE FOLKS IN SINGAPORE FIGURE SOMETHING OUT.)

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