Friday, February 19, 2016

25,000 Employees get Laid Off....CEO gets 18 MILLION......

These falling oil prices are just a tragedy.
The carnage is everywhere. Nobody is left unscathed......
Well nobody except the CEO.
The CEO still made $18,000,000.00.
But he earned that money. You think it is easy laying off 20% of a company. It leaves you feeling just empty inside.
Luckily $18,000,000.00 tends to help that a little bit. I mean on one hand you have employee after employee walking out the door with their lives in ruin........but then you turn around and sitting on the table is $18,000,000.00.....All for you.
Wow Wee.... You can't really help but to smile. Life is good.
Uh Oh another employee is coming in to get the ax.....Quick put on your sad/serious face.

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