Sunday, March 13, 2016

California Rail Made in China.....

Upgrading the US Rail system has been a pet idea of President Obamas since he took office.  

In Obamas 2009 Stimulus package $9,000,000,000.00 went to High Speed rail.  Today in 2016 there is little to show for that money.  Don't get me wrong.....You still have to pay it all back....... but you won't be leaving your house (today) and jumping on a bullet train.  

But don't get mad because High Speed trains are coming to California and they are being built by Communist Red China.  China gets the money.  China gets the jobs.  America gets to pay for it.  Obama is nowhere to be found to explain the situation.  Just like when Obama said the US will be the new "Green economy" and will be building wind mills and solar panels..... and then all those were made in Communist Red China too.

Obama is the master of stating Americans are going to do things and then watching as China does them instead.

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