Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Enjoying The Fresh Air Of Communist Red China.....

Mark Zuckerberg wants to get Facebook into Communist Red China.
It is not easy thing to do......Allowing people to express their opinions on the internet is frowned upon by the Communists.
To sway their opinions Mark is doing his best to kiss some Communist ass. No better way to do that then risk your life running through the filthy disgusting air of Tienanmen square. No better location for a photo op then the place where Democracy went to die.
He could have put on a face mask but that wouldn't have impressed the Communist bosses. Not wearing a mask makes the Communists smile every time. Good boy Mark......Good boy........ Breath in deep.....and Hold it. Now you are playing the Communist game.......
Mark Zuckerberg, announced his arrival in Beijing with a blithe message about what must have been a dizzying jog through the center of China’s capital, which has been suffering from a weeklong bout of hazardous air pollution.
Mr. Zuckerberg smiles alongside several running companions in front of the famous portrait of Mao Zedong that overlooks Tiananmen Square.
At 9 a.m. an air-quality monitor at the United States Embassy in Beijing calculated the level of PM2.5, ultrafine particles that damage respiration, at 305 micrograms per cubic meter. That level is deemed “hazardous” under American air-quality standards.
Mr. Zuckerberg inadvertently stirred an online debate about China’s major air pollution problems.
One user, Christina Tan, sought to warn Mr. Zuckerberg: “Mark, don’t u see the air pollution? Stop running outside! Beijing is my home, but I’m not recommending you run outside.”
Although some noted he should have worn a face mask, others joked about his ability to access Facebook despite the Chinese government’s cracking down on ways to get around the so-called Great Firewall, which keeps Chinese users cordoned off from the wider Internet.
Others simply took umbrage with where the photo was staged, at the heart of Tiananmen Square.
“The floor you stepped has been covered by blood from students who fought for democracy. But, enjoy your running in China, Mark. smile emoticon,” wrote a user named Cao Yuzhou.
On Twitter, that sentiment was reflected in an image in which Mr. Zuckerberg had been photoshopped in place of the famous “tank man” in front of a line of tanks from the 1989 military crackdown on the student-led protests in Tiananmen Square.

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