Sunday, March 27, 2016

Guns At The GOP Convention....Of Course

Why would the Republicans schedule their convention where you can't have guns?
What could be safer than 20,000 crazy Republicans all in one room armed to teeth with guns. That would be the safest place you could possibly be in and yet they need a petition to make it a reality? Maybe the Republicans don't really want 20,000 armed crazies after all. Maybe they are just a bunch of talkers.
I say lock and load baby. Lets make this happen. 2nd Amendment for life. There is nothing I would like better than to watch the armed Ted Cruz crazies square off against the armed Donald Trump crazies on live TV. That would be must see TV. I will make a big bucket of popcorn and watch every moment of that spectacle. Can't wait. Natural Selection on live TV. Awesome!
Of course when there are no guns allowed (because of security concerns) you will all have your confirmation that the Republicans are full of it.

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