Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Obama Tough On Human Rights....Sometimes.....

When it is Communist Cuba President Obama is a tough guy on Human rights. Human rights are important and his voice will be heard.
When it is Communist Red China Obama has very little to say about human rights. Better to just shut up and be quiet. No sense in rocking the boat. Communist Red China was treated to a State Dinner (twice) with all the pomp and circumstance. A 21 gun salute on the south lawn of the white house to celebrate all the human rights abuses.

See Corporate American has a ton invested in Communist Red China.
Who would make all the crap at Walmart if Communist Red China got upset? If you have to choose between corporate profits or human rights..... well that is not even a decision. At least not for President Obama.
Everyone knows who is winning the battle. The results can be found on any store shelve at any store in North America.
Communist Cuba has no connection to corporate American. Corporate America does not exploit slave labor in Cuba...... so it is easy for Obama to go there and get a few good sound bites in. There is no price to pay when he does it. Cuba's military is a joke. China's military is the real deal. Piss off Cuba and nothing happens. Piss off China and there could be a war.
Leadership is about picking the easy battles and pretending you are standing on principle. If it is difficult it is better to just avoid the issue entirely because there is too much money at stake.


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