Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Economic Forecast Is Doom and Gloom....How Can That be????

What they told you was if the rich people get all the money the economy will blossom.
Rich people create jobs. Jobs give people money and it all trickles down.
All you have to do is shut your mouth and let the rich people have all the money. The rest will take care of itself. Really.....You will see.
Well the rich people got all the money. The top 1% has more money than at any point in human history. They have more money then the bottom 50% combined.
Yet here we see the economic forecast is still doom and gloom.
It is almost like what they were saying (about the rich people getting all the money) was just a bunch of lies.
It is hard to reconcile how the rich people got all the money and yet the global economy remains in the sh*tter. But that is where we are.
Now talk amongst yourselves and see if you can figure out how this all went so horribly wrong.
The International Monetary Fund warned on Tuesday of the risk of political isolationism, and the risk of growing economic inequality
(Inequality = The rich have all the money.....You have none of the money)
as it cut its global economic growth forecast for the fourth time in a year.
(Fourth time......Wow. They should have just talked to me the first time. I could have helped them not look so incompetent.)
In the run-up to the annual spring meetings of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington, D.C. this week, the IMF said the global economy was vulnerable to shocks such as sharp currency devaluations (Communist Red China) and worsening geopolitical conflicts.
In its latest World Economic Outlook, the IMF forecast global economic growth of 3.2 percent this year, compared to a forecast of 3.4 percent in January. The growth estimate also was lowered in July and October of last year.
The gloomier picture sets the stage for the IMF and the World Bank to call this week for more coordinated global action to support growth.(Support growth = Have governments give rich people even more money.....and hurry up)
"We're definitely facing the risk of going into doldrums that could be politically perilous," (Politically perilous = Voters with Pitch Forks) said Obstfeld, who pointed to stagnant wage growth (Except for Rich People) as fueling a growing sense of economic inequality (1% has everything.....99% have nothing.) that is spilling into the voting booth in many countries. (Get the bastards.......)
The IMF urged policymakers to boost growth (Give money to rich people and hope it trickles down) with actions such as deregulating certain industries
(Deregulation......Hey there is a fire.....Grab the gas can.....Poor it on. No this will work......Really it will.....)
and raising labor market participation (Hire some people......Stop laughing......They were serious. Oh who am I kidding......It is hilarious.) .
It recommended nations with fiscal breathing room (Not in debt up to their eyeballs) boost investments (Give rich people money) in infrastructure and cut labor taxes, and it encouraged central banks to keep monetary policy accommodative. (Be ready to keep handing out free government money. Don't worry your grand kids will pay for it.)

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