Thursday, April 7, 2016

Keystone Pipeline Leaking All Over The Place......

The Keystone Pipeline.......The one they wanted to build over sensitive environmental areas of the country.  The one they said would be very safe.  You remember the one.......

Well the part they did build is now leaking.  I know that sounds impossible because pipelines don't leak.  They told you right to your face that it wouldn't leak.  Regardless it is leaking anyways.

On Saturday they said it leaked 187 gallons.  Hardly even worth talking about.  That is why I ignored it.  

But today they admit what they told you on Saturday was just a bunch of horse sh*t.  It actually leaked 16,800 gallons.  A 90% increase from their initial lies.  

Go to the gas station and start pumping the gas onto the ground and watch the counter.  1 gallon......2 gallons.......3 gallons.......Don't stop dumping it on the ground until you get to 16,800.  When you are done you will have a new respect for the safety of the Keystone pipeline.

Oh....And they still don't know where the leak is......But don't worry .......they are looking for it real hard.

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