Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Since The F-35 Sucks....How Much To Build More F-22's

In 2009 President Obama killed the production of the F-22.  The Air Force had 187 planes built.  They would never get the 749 planes they were supposed to receive.  Production was halted.  The supply chain was dismantled.  The end.

All future money would be put towards the F-35.  The entire defense of the United States would depend on the F-35.  The Air Force would depend on it.  The NAVY would depend on it.  The Marines would depend on it.  Every penny was going to go to the F-35.  All the eggs were put in one basket.  Done!

Well It is now 2016 and the F-35 is STILL  no where near ready for combat.  That won't be changing anytime soon.  When it is deemed ready it still won't be used because it will get shot down.

With wars and threats all over the world the military is getting desperate.  The F-15 is not getting any younger.  The F-16 is not getting any younger.  The F-18 is not getting any younger.  The Communist Chinese and Putin are not waiting around for us to get our act together.  The world moves on no matter how much money we waste accomplishing nothing.

So now 7 years after ending production they want to consider bringing back the F-22.  If they just listened to me in 2009 they wouldn't be in this pickle today.  Lots of money spent.  Lots of enemies every where they look and no competent aircraft to handle the job.  

In 2009 they should have killed the F-35 and used that money to speed up production of the F-22.  They did it all completely wrong and it is finally dawning on them.  Idiots.

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