Monday, April 25, 2016

You Cannot Sue Communist Red China For Their Tainted Dry Wall......

Communist Red China refusing to pay US lawsuits regarding Chinese tainted drywall.  

This is why Communist Red China can send tainted products into the United States because they have impunity.  The Communists do not care about the American judicial system.  They can poison Americans whenever they want......And they do.  

If it is not tainted Fentanyl then it is tainted flooring.  If it is not tainted flooring it is tainted drywall.  The Chinese love poisoning Americans.  It is their favorite past time.

Taishan's drywall emitted sulfur gas that damaged the homes making occupants ill, corroding copper, silver and other metals, damaging appliances and electronics, and stinking up the houses so they were "hard if not impossible to live in."

All the drywall, wiring, copper pipes, insulation, and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units in each house, most electronics and appliances, and all hardwood or vinyl flooring had to be replaced.

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