Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Iran Upset About US Supreme Court Holding The Responsible For Terrorism.....

When Iran took over the US Embassy in 1979 the United States froze Iranian assets around the world.
In 1983 when Hezbollah (the terrorist group funded by Iran) killed over 200 US Marines in Beirut, the parents of the dead Marines sued Iran to get the frozen Iranian assets.
The parents won in court but it got appealed all the way to the US Supreme Court. Last week the US Supreme Court ruled that the Parents could collect the 2 Billion Dollars in frozen Iranian assets.
The Iranians are furious.
The Iranians are appalled that supporting terrorist (who kill Americans) will cost them money.
This is actually a very big deal. If you want to go after terrorism you have to start with the money.
Recently the United States has been having a lot of success against ISIS because the United States started blowing up all the buildings housing their money.
When ISIS began they had a lot of money because they robbed all the Iraqi banks on the land they took over. Once the United States started destroying all the money it has created a lot of issues for ISIS. They can't pay their fighters if they have no money.
Foreign fighters have stopped flooding into Iraq because there is no longer a financial benefit. ISIS has been struggling to function.
Saudi Arabia should be paying close attention to the Iranian case. If Obama releases the 28 pages of classified information (linking Saudi Arabia to 9/11) and the Supreme Court just ruled victims families can go after a state sponsors money.....Well that will quickly become a problem for the Saudi kingdom.
The Saudis just disrespected President Obama when he visited there last week. The king didn't bother meeting Obama at the airport. The King did meet all the other world leaders. The Saudis also didn't broadcast the presidents arrival on State TV. Something they did for all the other leaders.
If Obama was offended by that (and if Obama wanted to do the right thing) he should release the truth about 9/11 and let the Saudis deal with the legal and financial consequences.


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