Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Chicken Recall.....Chew Carefully.....

Last year the USDA approved sending your Chicken to Filthy Communist Red China to be processed there and then sent back to the United States to be fed to your family.
The government told you this was not an issue because the food will still be inspected. Sure it will.
See It is cheaper to process chicken in China because they have no standards. They don't care what goes in your chicken. That makes it a lot cheaper than processing in the United States where they have to be clean and safe. The only thing clean and safe does is take away profits.
Then the US Congress voted to get rid of country of origin labeling on meat and poultry. It is none of your business where the food comes from. You just buy it and eat it and shut your face.
Now 4.5 million tons of processed Chicken is being recalled because it might contain "extraneous materials,". Delicious things like plastic, wood, rubber and metal. All part of a balanced diet.
The government inspectors did not notice any of these things in the chicken. The customers eating it sure did though. Really left an impression.
Was this chicken processed in filthy Communist Red China? Nobody is saying. It is none of your business. Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn't.
Regardless I would be hesitant to buy any processed Chicken these days.
The Food industry has made it clear they have little value for your safety.
You should make it clear you have little value for their products. Leave the products sitting in the super market case and keep shopping.

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