Thursday, May 5, 2016

Alibaba Counterfeiting and pretending to Fight It......

Alibaba is the of Communist Red China. Lots of what they sell are counterfeit US products and the company has made billions doing it.
This is the conundrum that Corporate America faces.
Corporate America LOVES cheap Chinese slave laborers making US products and expecting very little in return.
But Corporate America despises that Communist Red China then steals those products and produces knock offs. Those knock offs are sold through companies like Alibaba.
It infuriates the US executives. That is money coming right out of their pockets. It sends them into a rage.
So you can imagine how ANGRY they got when the Billionaire CEO of Alibaba is invited to speak at a counterfeiting conference in the United States.
Invite the wolf into the hen house to give a speech. CEO's are furious. They are whining, and bellyaching. It is an outrage.
Personally I just love it. I hope he gives a nice long speech. Yay Free Trade. Lovin it.
"Alibaba's strategy has consistently been to provide lip service to supporting brand enforcement efforts, while doing as little as possible to impede the massive flow of counterfeit merchandise on its platforms,"
"By admitting Alibaba as a member and applauding Mr. Ma's appearance at the Spring Conference, you give Mr. Ma a powerful tool to speak to brand owners and regulators about his efforts to work collaboratively and effectively with brand owners — in the experience of many of your members a shockingly brazen lie."
In December, the United States Trade Representative warned it was "increasingly concerned" that large quantities of counterfeit goods are still sold through Alibaba's platforms and that enforcement operations are too slow, difficult and opaque. Some brand owners go even further. Gucci America— also a member of IACC — alleges in a lawsuit that despite Ma's tough talk on fakes, the sale of counterfeit goods is, in fact, part of Alibaba's core business. Alibaba dismisses the case as "wasteful litigation."
Alibaba "hired a lobbyist and are giving speeches, they're joining organizations. That's progressive, but it's also smoke," said Rick Helfenbein, president of the American Apparel and Footwear Association, which has lobbied U.S. authorities to sanction Alibaba. "They have yet, in our eyes, to exhibit the will" to fight counterfeiting, he said. "Anything else they do really doesn't much matter."

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