Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Carley Fiornia.....Failure Is What She Does Best.....

Carly Fiorina.......The Kiss of Death.  

7 Days with Carly as your presidential running mate and the campaign ends.  

If you want to speed up failure Carly can certainly help do that.

Carly the CEO of Hewlett Packard who laid off tens of thousands Workers. Who the board couldn't run out of the company fast enough.

Carley who famously said "There Is No Job That Is America's God-Given Right Anymore. 

For some reason this quote didn't turn out to be a great campaign slogan.

Carley who ran for the US Senate and Lost.

Carley who ran for the Republican Presidential nominee and Lost.

Carley who ran for the Vice Presidential nominee and Lost.

When it comes to losing Carley is #1.  

The American people gave Carley the same middle finger she gave them.

Enjoy being unemployed Carley.....You earned it.

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