Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Your TV And Your Cell Phone Are Conspiring To Spy On You.....

Your TV sending a signal to your cell phone to let corporations know that you saw a commercial.
Privacy in 2016.....You have none. Privacy is something your parents had. You should go ask them about it. It is a concept from a bygone era that no longer exists.
Now go watch some TV and relax. Make sure you have your cell phone on.
It's called tech syncing. An undetectable audio beacon is sent through some TV commercials and into your home. That beacon is then picked up by microphones in your smart phones, tablets, and laptops, allowing companies to know what commercials you saw, when you saw them, and where you saw them.
According to experts, the software gets put in certain apps. The apps have access to the microphone on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. When the microphone picks up a beacon coming from a TV ad, it lets SilverPush know, and the India-based company can compile the data.
The Federal Trade Commission still has concerns about SilverPush. In March, the FTC sent letters to a dozen developers where SilverPush appeared to be included in their apps. The agency warned that tech syncing could be a deceptive practice.

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