Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Corporations Don't Want To Be Associated With Crazy Republicans.

Corporation want NOTHING to do with the Republican brand.
The Republican brand is a stain. Keep it away from you. Don't get any on you. It is toxic.
"The large corporations that usually fund both parties’ conventions have grown wary of becoming involved. They are holding back on sponsorships, leaving Cleveland about $7 million short of its $64 million fund-raising goal just 10 weeks before the festivities begin."
That is right....Corporations fund BOTH parties so no matter who wins Corporations still get what they want. That is why Republicans and Democrats are EXACTLY the same. That is why George W Bush was exactly the same as Barack Obama. There is no difference at all. But Trump screws all that up. Trump is a loose cannon. Trump is a wild card. Better to steer clear. Coca Cola does not want its image associated with crazy Donald. Or crazy Ted Cruz. Or Crazy Sarah Palin.
Crazy and Republican go hand and hand and Corporate America would rather just sit this one out.

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