Sunday, May 15, 2016

Communist Red China Missiles Threaten Guam........Thanks to Bill Clinton.

Last week the Pentagon reported that one of the big threats from Communist Red China is their "GUAM KILLER" Missiles. Long range missiles that are now so accurate they threaten US bases in Guam.
This threat never existed before.
In the 1990s the Communist Chinese couldn't figure out how to launch long range missiles. They kept screwing it up. It was frustrating for them. But the Communists had Bill Clinton in their corner and Bill got all their troubles situated. Bill handed over all the sensitive missile technology the Communists could consume.
This Guam Killer threat is directly related to Bill Clinton providing aide and comfort to our enemy's.
Normally you get in big trouble (and go to jail) for selling out the United States. Bill just got really rich instead.
Don't forget....Vote for Hillary. The Chinese will thank you!

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