Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hillary Wants Bill To Do It All Over Again......Oh Good.....

Under Hillary, Bill Clinton is going to be in charge of fixing the US economy......That is great news........And A little Ironic since Bill is the one (among others) who broke the economy in the first place.
You remember when he signed NAFTA sending US jobs to Mexico.
You remember when he invited Communist Red China to join the World Trade Organization.
You remember when he handed Communist Red China Most Favored Nation Status.
You remember when he deregulated all the banks.........Which made you pay too much for your house........Which is why you are upside down and trapped.......Which caused all the banks to come crashing to the ground. Which caused your tax dollars to be used to bail them out.
You remember when he deregulated all the power companies sending your power bill North and introducing us to exciting new companies like ENRON.
That was all Bill Clinton.........Now Hillary wants him to do it all again. Sure why not.
Yes vote for Hillary so Bill can do it all over again.

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