Sunday, May 15, 2016

Trump is Self Funding....Just Kidding. Trump = More Of The Same......

Trump doesn’t need to take Big Money donations because Trump is a billionaire.
Trump is self financing his campaign with his own money….Really he is. You can believe him. He is honest. He doesn’t need to promise corporations and other Billionaires favors in exchange for their Big money because Trump is already rich.
He is going to make America Great Again. You will see.
At least that is what he told you……
Now look what he is doing…..
Sniff….Sniff…..Where is the big money at……Come to the Donald. Donald will promise anything you want…..Just write the check. Paid to the order of The Donald.
You know what the Big money donors want? They want to make their products in Communist Red China. So when Trump says the jobs will be coming back from China….Well they won’t be. They are going to stay right where they are.
When Trump says he is going to build a wall on the Mexico border…..….Well he won’t be doing that either. Corporations love illegal Aliens. They will work for cheap. Nobody is getting deported…..Don’t you even worry.
Now Trump will be just like all the other candidates. He will take the big money and do whatever the Corporations and Billionaires want. Just like Hillary will. Just like Obama does. Just like George W Bush did. Just like William Jefferson Clinton did. They are all exactly the same.
You can choose Hillary…… and be run by the big corporations, or you can choose The Donald……… and be run by the big corporations and Billionaires. Make sure you choose the right one.

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