Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fiscal Conservatives Spending Another 602 Billion Of Your Money.....

Republicans are fiscal conservatives.
Republicans HATE government spending.
They want to cut spending at all costs.
Republicans shut down the government so they could cut spending.
Spending = bad
Unless they want to spend $602,000,000,000.00 on military waste.
When it comes to wasting money on the military no amount of money is too much. There is always more to spend. Republicans love it.
Spend 600 billion on poor people? Hell no!
Spend 600 billion on schools.....Republicans are always saying we need better should we do it? Hell no!
Spend 600 billion on more weapons for Neverending wars? You bet your sweet ass.
Obama thinks the Republican plan is stupid and says he will veto it.
The defense secretary also thinks the Republican plan is stupid. He didn't ask for any of what the crazy Republicans are trying to push through.

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