Thursday, May 26, 2016

What is Going On In France....

Most of the US media has ignored what is going on in France.  

If it is not what bathroom you are going to use it is not deemed that important.

In France the Government is trying to hammer the workers.  They are trying to lengthen the work week, make it easier to fire workers and destroy the unions.  They pushed this through without going through Parliament.  The workers are PISSED.

The workers have taken to the streets in protest.  The entire economy is being brought to a stand still by the outraged workers.  

This contrasts the United States where workers are treated like sh*t and just sit there and take it.  

As long as Dancing With The Stars is on than we are all good.  Need to catch the next exciting episode of the Bachelor.  Wonder what Justin Bieber is up too.  

The fact the workers are getting bludgeoned to death right before your eyes creates little reaction.  

Well I won't take up any more of your time on this.  Get back to the Kardashians...... but you might want to spend a little time learning what is happening right now in France.

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