Wednesday, May 25, 2016

CEO's making some dollars....Lots of them. But seriously there is no money for $15.00 minimum wage. Sorry.

They insist the minimum wage cannot possibly go to $15.00 per hour. Where would that money come from? The money does not exist....
If you are a CEO the average raise last year was $468,449.00. That was NOT what they got paid.....That is ONLY the raise.

The average total compensation for a CEO in the standard and Poors 500 was $10,000,000.00. 10X what an average US worker makes......And that is when the stock market went nowhere. Doesn't matter because CEO's get suit cases full of money no matter what the results are.
I would bet at 95% of all companies if the CEO never showed up for work ever again nobody would even notice. Unless you are a "Steve Jobs" (which most CEO's are not) than whoever is occupying that office is completely irrelevant. They do nothing. I mean they decide how many people will be laid off. They decide what companies they might be sold off too. Past that they hold no relevant function of any kind. If they show up for work fine...... and if they don't who really gives a sh*t because the actual work will still get done. Yet their irrelevance doesn't stop the money from piling up in their bank accounts.
But again......Minimum wage can't possible go to $15.00. The money is simply not available for that.
Now if you excuse me I have a stack of cash that I need to count again. Good day.

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