Saturday, June 4, 2016

Happy Anniversary Tienanmen Square......

Happy 27th Anniversary Tienanmen square uprising.

The Chinese people demanded freedom and the people got squashed by tanks and guns and soldiers.

The United States ran in and rewarded the Communists with millions of US jobs, and tons of high technology, and lots of American know how, plus unlimited supplies of money.

The biggest obstacle to freedom and Democracy in Communist Red China is the United States Of America and Capitalism.  Corporate America and the Republicans and Democrats have created an insurmountable wall that Freedom has been unable to scale.

The United States has strengthened the communists to the point which is even scary to us.  

President George HW Bush did NOTHING to punish the Communists.  

President Bill Clinton rewarded the communists in every conceivable way.  The communists got US Missile technology.  The communists got US Nuclear Secrets.  The Communists got huge sections of the US economy shipped to them wholesale.  All thanks to Bill.

President George W Bush did nothing to help the cause of freedom and Democracy either.

President Barack Obama has praised the Communists at every turn.  Two State Dinners in 7 years to Celebrate the lack of freedom..... the stealing of intellectual property...... the mass bullying of neighbors........ the wholesale polluting of the environment.  Yes Obama hasn't been able to clap hard enough.

So Happy Anniversary citizens of China.  In the last 27 years you have failed each year to obtain freedoms.  That in large part is due to your good friends in the United States Of America.

You're Welcome!

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