Friday, June 3, 2016

Jobs Report is Awful.....

The Obama economic recovery in full effect.
On Tuesday Obama went to Indiana to gloat about how well the economy was doing. According to Obama things are great and it is all thanks to his policies.
This is the same Indiana that a few months ago announced Carrier Air Conditioning jobs were leaving the United States for Mexico. All part of the Obama (Free Trade is Awesome) economy.
On Friday the PUTRID jobs report came out. It was down right stinky.
The contrast between the Obama rhetoric (On Tuesday) and the actual reality (On Friday) could not have been more defined.
In May the economy created 38,000 jobs. That is an atrociously low number.
Want to know why people have flocked to Bernie and Donald......It is because the Obama status quo is a complete failure. People want anything other than more of the same.
We were told that if the rich people (the job creators) had more money they could create more jobs. Well by all accounts the rich people have all the money and yet there are still no jobs.

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