Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hillary's Involvement In TPP......None Of Your Business....

Hillary Clinton helped design the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (when she worked at the State Department).
That is the agreement that will send millions more American jobs overseas to slave labor.
That is the agreement that candidate Clinton insists she is against.
That is right.....She is against the agreement which she helped create......Wink....Wink.
You have the right to know what she said about the agreement and what she did about the agreement.
After all the government works for you. There are supposed to be few secrets in an open democratic government.
Unfortunately Barack Obama does not agree with that assessment. He will not let you know what Hillary was up to. It is none of your business.
By Law Barack has to tell you though......and he will.......Right after the election next November.
Once the decisions are made you can have all the information you want. Until then you can mind your freakin business.
Sincerely Barack Obama.


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