Saturday, June 11, 2016

3.46 Million For Lunch With Warren....Poor People Need Not Apply.....

A multi Billionaire agrees to have a fancy two hour lunch with a multi millionaire. Then he donates the millionaires money to charity. That is how Warren Buffett helps the less fortunate.
He is not going to go volunteer at a homeless shelter. Don't be stupid. He isn't even going to talk to a bunch of poor people. I mean who wants to hang out with poor people. Certainly not Warren.
It is a fancy steak. Two hours of blah blah conversation with a millionaire who worships you. Then into the limo and on your way.
The next day from coast to coast will be headlines of how charitable Warren Buffett is. What a guy. He ate a steak. Amazing. Didn't even have to break a sweat. Didn't even have to write a check. It is good to be rich. Perhaps he cut his own steak.....That would be something.
So see ya next year for another charitable lunch with another millionaire. If you are looking for Warren (before that) he will be on his private plane......Not hanging out with you.....Or poor people.

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