Friday, June 10, 2016

Tesla's are Dangerous....Shhhhhh Don't say anything.

Shady Elon Musk.
He will fix his dangerous Tesla's but only if you agree not to tell anyone his car is total crap.
Telling people the front wheel might fall off your tesla (sending you careening to your death) will be bad for sales. So it is real important to keep quiet.
So you agree to shut the hell up and he will fix it for you.
regulators are looking into reports of a flaw in some Tesla models that could cause the driver to lose control of the car.
They're also looking into reports that Tesla (TSLA) has been asking owners to sign non-disclosure agreements before the automaker would pay for repairs.
The agreements reportedly required that vehicle owners don't say anything to anyone about the problem, the repair or even about the agreement itself.
Tesla did not immediately comment.
Owners have complained both to NHTSA about front suspension components failing on Tesla Model S cars and on the Model X SUV. These parts help attach the wheel to the car and could cause the driver to lose control if they fail.

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