Monday, June 27, 2016

Elizabeth Warren Is A Fraud.......

Elizabeth Warren is a complete fraud.
Supposedly she is a champion for progressive causes.
But when Elizabeth had her chance to step forward and support Bernie Sanders (also a champion of progressive causes) she decided to pass. Elizabeth stood on the sidelines and said nothing as Bernie fought the fight by himself.
Elizabeth knew her corrupt Democratic Party was never going to let Bernie win. If Elizabeth came out and endorsed Bernie it would mean she would be irrelevant once the general election rolled around. Elizabeth doesn’t want to be irrelevant, not when she could be vice president instead.
Better to sell out all your beliefs and convictions to corporate Hillary (and get power) than stay true and end up on the sidelines with Bernie.
So now that Bernie is out of the way Elizabeth is all about Hillary Clinton. Hillary is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Elizabeth and Hillary……. together with arms raised to the sky. Two people who never got along (or agreed on anything) are now suddenly buddies.
Hillary needs Elizabeth and Elizabeth needs Hillary. Hillary is out for Hillary and Elizabeth is out for Elizabeth. Nobody is out for you. Democracy at its finest. Hillary will sell you out in a hot second and apparently Elizabeth will as well.
Politicians with convictions…….That is what our country needs.

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