Thursday, June 23, 2016

Social Security Has 18 More Years Till It Runs Dry.....Get Ready To Pay The Price.....

In 18 years the Social Security Trust Fund runs out of money.
When corporate America sent all the jobs overseas they doomed your Social Security to death.
They told you it was going to be a great thing. They told you it would help the economy. They lied to you.
They took all the benefits and they left you with a large problem. Now you will pay the price. Pretty awesome huh?
These are the choices they are giving you......
You can get less benefits. Or you can work more years. Or you can pay higher Social Security taxes.
Or....if you like...... you can pay higher social security taxes AND get less benefits.......and work more years.
Any questions?
No where do they offer the option of bringing the lost jobs back from Communist Red China. Bringing the jobs back would shore up your social Security too. That solution fixes everything.
The United States has lost 3, 200, 000 manufacturing jobs since 2001. That is 3,200,000 workers no longer paying into Social Security.
Now you have to make up their shortfall. Since there is no incentives for your wages to go up it will take you longer to do it too.
See.......You get completely screwed every which way you turn. But hey.....At least you still have a pension. Oh wait.....Never mind.

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