Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Olympics Are A Mess......

Could the Olympics be any more of a disaster?
I mean really it has been 8,000 negative stories and zero positive stories.
I think it is time to bring down the curtain on this sputtering institution. It had many great years but it’s time to move on.
Between the massive corruption that governs the Olympics.
The massive cheating that is in the Olympics.
The billions of dollars wasted building Olympic venues which will be used for 14 days and never used again.
Then with Rio you can throw in the filthy sewage water that the athletes will soon be competing in. The sewage water that was supposed to be cleaned up but Rio ran out of money.
Throw in the Superbugs found in the completely contaminated water.
Throw in the Zika virus.
Throw in the decapitated body parts floating in the contaminated water…..That the athletes will soon be competing in.
Throw in the police telling everyone they are arriving in H*ll.
Just what the arriving masses want to hear.
I really can’t see how any of this is worthwhile.
Just cancel the entire thing and spend the money on something more relevant.
It is time.

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