Monday, July 11, 2016

Dallas Open Carry Laws....A Disaster.....

"The only thing gun control does is take guns away from the good guys". "The good guys need guns to protect themselves".
That is what we always hear.......
It is estimated that up to 30 people in Dallas were openly carrying guns when the shooting erupted. Not one of them shot at the bad guy.
The good guys with guns simply did what everyone did......They ran. Smart decision.
The only thing the guns did was increase the chance the good guys might be shot (or arrested) by the police. A couple of people carrying AR-15's were arrested.
I am not seeing where having a gun was helpful. They would probably run faster without the gun.
Guns preventing .....NO.
Guns stopping........No.
Guns Protecting.....NO
The only things guns do is create lots of problems. Problems for the good guys. Problems for the bad guys. Problems for the police.

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