Friday, July 15, 2016

28 Pages Showing Saudi Arabia Was Responsible For 9/11

I read the 28 pages......... not the articles about the 28 pages.......... but the actual 28 pages.
It is pretty clear that Saudi Arabia's finger prints are all over 9/11.
The finger prints extend way up into the government all the way to the Royal family.
There are phone calls, and meetings, and money transfers, and rehearsals, and obstructions.
The people who are connected to the terrorists are all over the Saudi government. It extended to the Saudi Embassy in the United States and implicates the Saudi ambassador.
After 9/11 George Bush said
"Our enemy is a radical network of terrorists AND EVERY GOVERNMENT that supports them.
He then received 28 pages of evidence that Saudi Arabia was directly involved. So he classified the documents (and hid them in the basement of the capital) and attacked Iraq.
We have spent over 1 trillion dollars in Iraq. Tens of thousands of people have been killed. After 15 years of war the only thing we have accomplished is the creation of a new terror group (ISIS).
Today there is no end in sight to any of it. It will just go on and on and from this gigantic mess George Bush wants you to think he kept you safe.
Yes, all the evidence pointed to Saudi Arabia so Bush passed the Patriot act allowing the government to infringe on your rights, and spy on your every move.
That is the power Saudi Arabia has with 30% of the world supply of oil. Not only did the United States not punish Saudi Arabia but currently Saudi Arabia is the #1 weapons buyer from the United States. No country buys more US weapons than Saudi Arabia.
We sell the Saudis some of our best and most sophisticated weaponry. Why wouldn't we. It is a 98 Billion Dollars business......Are we supposed to not take that money just because of a few thousand dead Americans in lower Manhattan. Pish posh.....Water under the bridge.....Keep those cash registers ringing.

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