Friday, July 15, 2016

Middle Aged Americans....No Jobs....Suicide On The Rise.....

Because Corporate America sent all the jobs to Communist Red China, and Mexico, and India (and because workers are desperate) more and more middle aged Americans are committing suicide. They see no other options.
The bills keep coming whether the jobs are in Ohio or in China.
Older workers make more money and they cost companies more money (through healthcare) so the goal of corporate America is to get rid of as many as quickly as possible.
This is why Donald Trump resonates when he says he will bring all the jobs back. People are desperate and everyone knows Hillary is just more of the same. Trump might be racist. He might be insane. But people don't care if there is any shot of the current trend being reversed.
Warren isn't alone in finding himself in an unexpected and depressing place during his midlife years, where he's too young to retire, but can't find a job that matches the one he lost.
There's been an alarming spike in suicides and drug and alcohol abuse among 45 to 54 year-old Americans, especially white Americans.
No other rich country has seen anything like this. Nobel prize winning economist Angus Deatonwas one of the first to spotlight how white "midlife mortality" in the U.S. jumped from about 381 deaths per 100,000 in the late 1990s to about 415 now.
Everyone is trying to figure out why it's happening. The leading explanation is a lack of "good" jobs
"Many of the baby-boom generation are the first to find, in midlife, that they will not be better off than were their parents," wrote Deaton and fellow economist Anne Case. Americans with only a high school degree -- or less -- have seen the biggest surge in suicides.
"I never ever in a million years thought I would be 54 and unemployable," says Warren. Since he has a part-time job, he is considered underemployed (not unemployed) by the U.S. government. At the music store, he earns only $10 an hour, with no benefits. It's a job for now, but not liveable.
Workers over 50 -- or even 45 -- are being dubbed the "new unemployables." Unemployment soared during the Great Recession for all ages, but older workers have had the hardest time getting rehired.
Olga Aguilar of Florida is worried she is one of the "unemployables." The 56-year-old from Miami was laid off two years ago. Since then, she applies and applies for jobs but hasn't landed anything.
"I want to be useful. I wanted to do something," Aguilar told CNNMoney. "I want to feel like I have contributed something for myself, for my family. It's just a matter of pride."
Despite having a college degree in accounting and many years of experience, Aguilar can't even get interviews anymore. She worked for nearly a decade at her last job for Arise Virtual Solutions, a call center firm. Her dream is to work with animals, but she says she will "try anything" at this point.
U.S. Labor Secretary Tom Perez told CNNMoney this is a real problem for America. (CREATED BY YOUR GOVERNMENT)
Some older workers simply give up looking for work when it takes too long. It's one of reasons America has the lowest level of adults working or searching for a jobsince the 1970s. (OBAMA CONSIDERS THESE PEOPLE EMPLOYED.....PROBLEM SOLVED)
All the talk of America being at or near "full employment" doesn't make much sense to Aguilar. She's one of the 750,000 workers over 45 who are still officially counted as long-term unemployed.

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