Saturday, July 16, 2016

Corporate Welfare Alive And Well.....

Obamas presidency is almost over but he didn't want to leave without putting on the Santa Claus suit just one more time.
400 Million dollars of your tax dollars going to develop new technologies for Corporate America.
Verizon had 4 BIllion in profit but for some reason they need your tax dollars to research their next big thing.
You know Verizon.....The company that pays no taxes.
Just because they pay no taxes doesn't mean they don't want your tax money.
Obama is happy to hand it over to them.
This week it was announced the deficit increased by 162 Billion dollars. That isn't any reason to not hand out free money to multi national corporations though.
The deficit will be paid off by you (and your family) at a later date. Don't even worry about it. They will simply cut your social security or medicare and it will all be fine.
The important thing is no poor people got any of the money. Just rich corporations that don't need it.
That is how true capitalism works. Keep the government out of it.... Oh but please hand over the free taxpayer money.

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