Sunday, July 17, 2016

Another Assault Rifle....More Dead Cops.

2 Assault Rifles = 16 shot police officers (8 DEAD police officers) in less than 10 days.

When is this country going to wake up and start arming police officers with guns......Oh wait.

Yes that is correct.......The good guy guns are having an incredibly poor showing this month.

After the Dallas massacre I said I would be back typing the same sh*t in a few weeks.  I was completely wrong, which is rare for me.  A couple of weeks was way too optimistic.  We made it one week.  

I completely underestimated the ability of the good guy guns to compete with the Assault rifle.  I apologize.

If this was a boxing match they would have stopped the fight.  Unfortunately it is not a boxing match.  It is real life.  The consequence in real life is real people die.  They stay dead forever too.

Anyway I would type more but I will just be back in another week to do it again, so for now you get the picture.  

Enjoy the Republican Convention tomorrow where they will tell you the solution to the gun problem is more guns.  Just a couple of more guns and everything will be great.

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