Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Congress Does The Right Thing....

It is not often that congress does something that doesn’t make me want to punch a wall but here they have done it. Good for them. Good for the victims. Good for justice.
Tell President Obama and the terrorists he protects that justice will be served.
It is about accountability. When countries are held accountable perhaps we can make some progress on this war or terror. Obviously 15 years of dropping b*mbs has accomplished nothing.
Go after the money…..

Clinton and Bush....Over and Over....

If Hillary wins (and she will) by 2020 (at the end of her first term) we will look back and our country will have been led by a Bush or a Clinton for 24 of the last 30 years.
Bush and Clinton. Clinton and Bush. One is a Republican. One is a Democrat. They are both exactly the same.
We are a country of 330,000,000 people and yet we can only come up with a Bush or a Clinton over and over again.
It was 12 years of Bush. It will be (at least) 12 years of Clinton.
The results …...Well you know what the results are.
The largest debt in human history (with nothing to show for it). The Rich got richer. The Poor got poorer. the middle class got beaten. The corporations seized control of the government. Endless war is now the new normal.
Some people are real excited about these prospects. I am not one of them. I am not with her…..Or him…..Or any of them.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

F-35 Catches On Fire......Again.

Been a banner month for the Mighty F-35.  

Last week insulation was disintegrating.....That is to be expected on a brand new plane.

This week the plane catches on fire.

Fire is always a risk when you are doing super fancy testing exercises like starting the engine.

The F-35 starting on fire is nothing new of course.  An engine blew up in 2014.  They said that issue was corrected.  They lied.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Obama officially Protects The Terrorists.....

Done deal......
The number one supporter of State Sponsored Terrorism.......President Barack Obama.
Late in the day on a Friday afternoon is the perfect time to stand up and protect the terrorists. Hopefully nobody noticed.
Last month an international court ruled China was breaking the law by building man made islands in the South China Sea. President Obama cheered.....Yay courts.
But for terrorists who murdered Americans suddenly courts are bad. Very bad. Courts can't be trusted.
The American justice system is the best EXCEPT when it comes to terrorism.
When Obama got to office he said George W Bush was wrong throwing people into prison at Guantanamo Bay without ever speaking to a lawyer or having a day in court.
Obama said this would be the first thing he corrected on Day 1 in office. Well we are in year 8 of the Obama Presidency and Gitmo is still open. Nobody is getting their day in court down there still Because Obama hates courts.
Obama hates the courts for Gitmo. Obama hates courts for Saudi Arabia. Obama hates courts when he wants to murder American citizens with Drones in far away places. Obama (Mr Constitutional lawyer) HATES the courts.
Next up we get to see if the US Congress has the spine to over turn Mr. Obamas veto. Or will congress side with the terrorists too.
Stay tuned

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

US To Pretend To Attack North Korea.....Genius.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama helping to spread peace with a mock attack on North Korea.

Yes that sounds like a great idea.  Provoke the crazy North Koreans some more.  

The North Koreans who just conducted their 5th Nuclear test.  Who just successfully fired a missile from a submarine.  

Yes Pretend you are attacking them.  That will help dial down the situation.  

The United States hasn't had enough war over the last 15 years....Lets start another war with a country who actually has an army and real military hardware.  A country protected by Communist Red China.

Even if the United States did destroy the North Korean Nuclear facilities the bombs have already been built and they are most likely spread across the country. 

Attacking the Nuclear facilities needed to be done 20 years ago.  Now it is too late.  The only thing attacking does now is start another war.  Since we can't win the wars we are currently in this seems like a terrible idea.

If Obama keeps this up he might just win a second Nobel Peace Prize.

George HW Bush Loves Hillary.....

Of course George HW Bush is voting for Hillary Clinton.
It is what I keep saying.
George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton are all exactly the same.
They are the establishment.
The charade that Republicans and Democrats are different is just a show.
Republicans and Democrats = Exactly the same. They all represent the status quo.
Corporate money comes in. Political favors go out. Everyone wins except the American people. The American people are excluded from the entire game. The American people are just pawns to be sacrificed.
It is all about maintaining the status quo. That means Hillary.
George Bush will fill in that bubble on his ballot with pride.
More of the same……Yippee.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

F-35 Grounded......

One month after the US Air Force declared the F-35 combat ready (try not to giggle) it is now grounded. Shocking I know. Who could have predicted such a thing.
One month is pretty impressive for the most expensive weapon system in the history of the world. You can't really expect much more than one month.
Here Is how it works.......Tax payers pay a fortune. Private contractors pocket the fortune and provide the sh*ttiest, cheapest, low quality garbage they can produce.

Then when the defense department realizes what they have been given is a big pile a steaming dog sh*t the private contractors are given a second pile of money to redo the work a second, or third, or fourth time.
It is a great business model. In business school it is taught as fraud. Completely acceptable.

Pharmaceutical Companies Battling to Keep The Status Quo.....

If Terrorists killed 165,000 Americans people would freak out.
But when Pharmaceutical companies kill 165,000 Americans nobody even bats an eye.
If you sell Heroin in the back alley you will be cuffed and sent to jail. But when Pharmaceutical companies sell Opioids (prescription Heroine) the police do not even take notice.
Not only have the pharmaceutical companies helped kill 165,000 Americans but they want to keep right on doing it. They will do whatever is necessary to make sure the status quo remains. That means they make lots of money as people get addicted and die. That is all good business.
The makers of prescription painkillers have adopted a 50-state strategy that includes hundreds of lobbyists and millions in campaign contributions to help kill or weaken measures aimed at stemming the tide of prescription opioids, the drugs at the heart of a crisis that has cost 165,000 Americans their lives and pushed countless more to crippling addiction.
a political powerhouse that spent more than $880 million nationwide on lobbying and campaign contributions from 2006 through 2015 — more than 200 times what those advocating for stricter policies spent and more than eight times what the formidable gun lobby recorded for similar activities during that same period.
the drugmakers and allied advocacy groups employed an annual average of 1,350 lobbyists in legislative hubs from 2006 through 2015, when opioids' addictive nature came under increasing scrutiny.
"The opioid lobby has been doing everything it can to preserve the status quo of aggressive prescribing," said Dr. Andrew Kolodny, founder of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing and an outspoken advocate for opioid reform. "They are reaping enormous profits from aggressive prescribing."
Prescription opioids are the synthetic cousins of heroin and morphine, prescribed to relieve pain. Sales of the drugs have boomed —quadrupling from 1999 to 2010 — and overdose deaths rose just as fast, totaling 165,000 this millennium. Last year, 227 million opioid prescriptions were doled out in the U.S., enough to hand a bottle of pills to nine out of every 10 American adults.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ford Moving ALL Small Car manufacturing to Mexico........Yay Free Trade.....

In 1993 Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law touting how it will help the US economy.

In 2016 the affects of Bill Clintons signature on that bill are still being felt.

Ford Motor Company will make NONE of their small cars in the United States Of America.  0 small cars.  God Bless America.

When Bill Clinton left the White House (after screwing the US Worker every which way possible) he went on to make Millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars.

When Al Gore left the White House (after supporting NAFTA BIG TIME) he went on to make Millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars.

Meanwhile Detroit Michigan went on to file for Bankruptcy.  After all the factories moved to Mexico the results have been dismal.  All thanks to Bill Clinton.

Last night Bill Clinton was not in Detroit taking Bows for all the awesome work he did destroying Detroit.  

Instead Bill was in California (sitting in for his corrupt wife) at a $100,000.00 a plate fund raiser.  Did you get invited to that?  DIdn't think so.  Yes sipping champagne and eating caviar with the other filthy rich folks is what Bill Clinton does best these days.  Taking credit for NAFTA is not high on his priority list.

While the affects of NAFTA (killing US jobs) is still being felt across the country Barack Obama wants you to know (even though NAFTA is a complete failure) the Trans Pacific Partnership is going to be much, much, much better.  Well better for him.  He will be heading into the private sector to cash in soon.  The US Worker will still be getting royally f*cked though.

Oh.....And if down the line things don't go well for Ford Motor company that is OK because they know just where to come to get bailed out.  Thanks US Tax payers.  You are the best.  Now if you excuse them they have US factories to move.

Monday, September 12, 2016

US NAVY Littoral Ships.....Completely Useless......

US Defense Department wasting even more of your money.
The US NAVY's state of the art Littoral Ships.
Super fancy high tech Navy warships sponsored by your tax dollars.
$360 Million per ship.
The only problem is these ships keep breaking down over and over and over and over. 4 ships have broken down at sea since the beginning of the year.
Now the NAVY announced these ships are so screwed up they cannot be repaired so the NAVY can trust them again.
So they will now be testing ships. Whatever that means.
Actually what it means is.......
$360 million + $360 Million + $360 Million + $360 Million = $1,440,000,000........Completely wasted.
What could you do with 1.4 BILLION. Could you build schools? Could you build hospitals? Could you fix bridges? Could you build affordable housing?
What the government did was build 4 ships that do not work.
They will be sure to send you the bill for those worthless ships real soon.

Obama sides with The Terrorists. The Victims are on their own.

Will Obama do the right thing?
Of course Obama won't do the right thing. Like there was ever any doubt.
Do you stand with the 3000 victims or do you stand with the terrorists.
Obama wants you to know he stands with the terrorists.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Will Obama Let The Victims of 9/11 Sue Saudi Arabia...Stay Tuned....

OK Mr. Obama…..Ball is in your court.
On the doorstep of the 15th anniversary of 9/11 you have a choice to make.
Are you going to stand with the 3000+ victims of 9/11 and allow them to pursue justice.
Are you going to stand with the Terrorists in Saudi Arabia and veto the bill. Veto the bill is what you said you are going to do.
Sure leaders likes to stand at the microphone and declare “justice will be served” but now is your time to step up. Now is your time to do the right thing. Will you?
Will Justice be served Mr. President? Or will you disappoint the American people one more time.
We are all watching.

Roger Ailes Sexual Harassment No Issue For Trump.

For all the many things people trash Donald Trump about it AMAZES me nobody trashes him for hiring Roger Ailes as his adviser.
Fox News wasn't even sued (Roger Ailes was sued personally) and yet Fox still paid Gretchen Carlson $20,000,000.00 just to shut her up (as quickly as possible) to make her go away.
Fox News knew if Gretchen went to court it would be impossible defending a man who sexually harassed women for decades.
This is all true and yet Trump still brought Ailes onboard his campaign and nobody seems to care.
To me this judgement alone should disqualify Trump from being elected.
Anyway lets review Rogers behavior......
Example 1
He had a driver and a car, and after dinner he said, “Can I take you to your friend’s?” So we get in the car and that’s when he said, “You know if you want to play with the big boys, you have to lay with the big boys.” I was so taken aback. I said, “Gosh, I didn’t know that. How would that work?” I was trying to kill time because I didn’t know if he was going to attack me. I was just talking until I could get out of the car. He said, “That’s the way it works,” and he started naming other women he’d had. He said that’s how all these men in media and politics work — everyone’s got their friend. I said, “Would I have to be friends with anybody else?” And he said, “Well, you might have to give a blow job every once in a while.” I told him I was going to have to think about this. He said, “No, if you don’t do it now, you know that means you won’t.”
The next morning I show up to get my assignment and was told the guy I was supposed to be meeting with was unavailable. Back in New Jersey, I got a call from Roger Ailes. He said, “How’d your meeting go?” I said, “Actually, he wasn’t available and I’m hoping to hear back from him.” He said, “Ah, well, I’m sure you will. Have you changed your mind yet?” I said, “I’ll have to pass, Roger. I’m married and really committed to my husband. No offense.” He said, “Well, we’ll be in touch.” And that was that. A couple weeks later, I called a friend who was very high up in the RNC and I asked him what happened. He said, “Word went out you weren’t to be hired.”
Example 2
So I go into his office and right away he says, “Sit on the sofa and lift your skirt up.” I had to do these different poses. And then, I recall very clearly, he said he’d put me on the show but I needed to go to bed with him. I was a really shy girl, but I was a little cheeky, so I said, “Oh yeah, you and who else?” And he said, “Only me and a few of my select friends.” I said, “Well, if you think I have star quality and you can make money off my looks, I don’t think it’d matter if I went to bed with you or not.” And he said, “Oh, pretty girls like you are a dime a dozen.” The interview ended quickly. I was called in to do the show and I remember passing Roger in the hallway. He pretended not to know who I was.
Example 3
Ailes took me into this big office and locked the door with a key. He reclined on a couch in a seating area under a map that had flags of all the cities they were syndicated in. He proceeded to pull down his pants and very gingerly pull out his genitals and said, “Kiss them.” And they were red, like raw hamburger. He was pretty meticulously dressed, with long white shirttails coming out. It was like he was just at the end of a long day and I was supposed to know what to do. I was a kid — I’d never seen a man’s privates before. I jumped up, but the door was locked and nobody was out there. He chased me around the office, and at some point it dawned on him that this just wasn’t going to happen. He finally pulled up his trousers. He was very angry and rushed over to his desk, pulled open a door, and had a reel-to-reel tape recorder going. He said to me, “Don’t tell anybody about this. I’ve got it all on tape.” I think he knew I was 16.
Example 4
I had just arrived in New York. My agent was hoping to get me into broadcasting. I had an appointment with Ailes. He had a camera set up and a little desk and a script for me. It was a cooking kind of thing, talking about food and whatnot. After he taped me, he locked the door and said he didn’t want any interruptions. I figured out pretty quickly there was no job and this was just a ruse.
He pulled out a garter belt and stockings and told me to put them on. I was very nervous; I didn’t know what to do. He was standing there and I put them on. He wanted me to model them for him. After that, something sexual took place, but I blocked it out of my mind. I don’t know if I engaged with him orally or he engaged with himself. I felt I was being used for his sexual satisfaction. I felt very threatened. He wanted me to take the lingerie home for the next time. I said, “No, thank you, I don’t want to keep it for the next time.” I left and I knew I’d never return. Through the years I felt like a horrible person because I allowed this to happen to me and I didn’t just say “fuck off” and walk out of the room. My husband doesn’t even know.
Example 5
He had a room, and one by one he would take us behind closed doors. When my turn came I went in, and he didn’t waste any time. He grabbed me and had his hands on me and he forced me to kiss him. When I recoiled he said, “Well, you know no girls get a job here unless they’re cooperative.” I just pushed him away and ran out of there. He was like, whatever. So, no job for me. He did hire several of the girls from the group, but I don’t know what they had to do to get the job.
Example 6
If you want to make it in New York City in the TV business, you’re going to have to fuck me, and you’re going to do that with anyone I tell you to. I was afraid he was going to pin me down. He was a big guy and I’m not big at all. He could have overpowered me. I remember running out of that apartment like my hair was on fire and standing on the sidewalk crying, thinking, What’s that guy think I was, a prostitute? In one second, my dreams were shot. He’s going to blackball me everywhere, I’ll never get another interview, I’m not good enough — all that stuff a 20-something girl thinks. It wasn’t, That guy’s a son of a bitch and I should have kicked him in the balls.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Gary Johnson Is Clueless......

What is Aleppo??????
That is right…….If you don’t like Trump or Hillary you are free to vote for Gary Johnson.
The only problem with Gary is he doesn’t know sh*t about the world.
I think your best bet is to keep going down the ballet to the next choice.
Someone maybe who knows there is a war going on in Syria for the past 5 years.

Trumps Wants To Spend MORE Money On Military.....

Trump wants to spend more money on the military.
Not more money on Social Security.
Not more money on Medicare.
Not more money on education……or healthcare.
There is no money for any of those things.
But more money for the military…..Yes…..That is what we need to spend more money on.
We already spend over $600,000,000,000.00 on the military every single year.
12 months = $600,000,000,000.00
That is more money then the next 6 countries combined.
Yet Trump thinks if we just spend more money on the military everything will be great.
The problem isn’t a lack of money spent.
The problem is the money that is spent is completely wasted with zero accountability.
Private contractors are ripping off the taxpayers on projects like the F-35 and The USS Gerald R Ford.
Good ol Capitalism getting in the way or our ability to wage endless war.
We have been at war for 15 consecutive years.
Nobel Peace prize winner Barack Obama has waged war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Libya and STILL we have nothing to show for it.
The answer is NOT more war.
Yesterday Obama was in Laos explaining that the USA will provide 90 million dollars to help remove 80,000,000 unexploded US bombs dropped during the Vietnam war.
The United States dropped more bombs on Laos than on Germany and Japan combined during world War II.
All those bombs accomplished nothing. The war was still lost.
Endless war is not the answer.
At least it has not been the answer for the last 15 years.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton A Fund Raising Machine......

Hillary Clinton raised 143,000,000.00 in August.
Hillary currently has the highest disapproval ratings she has ever recorded (in the quarter century she has been) in public life.
Hillary has NEVER been more unpopular than she is right now.
And that is really saying something too.
Yet she is still able to raise 143 million in 31 days.
If you tried to raise 143 million how many centuries would you need to do that? Hillary does it in days.
The rich people (and corporations) are hurling money at Hillary...............
why do you think they are doing that?
Do you think they are doing that because they really want Hillary to help the poor people?
Do you think they are doing that because they really want Hillary to help the middle class people?
Do you think they are doing that because they really want things to remain exactly how they are now?
1% has ALL the money. 99% has none of the money.
That is how it is now and it didn't just happen that way by accident.
Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and Barack Obama have worked extremely hard to redistribute the money. You should really appreciate all that they have accomplished.
Now the 1% are hurling money at crooked Hillary because they expect things to stay exactly how they are.
After all Hillary is the champion of the 1%. That maybe unpopular (for her) but it is extremely lucrative. Lucrative for Hillary.....that is...... not for you. You get completely f*cked in this whole deal.
Now.......Consider receiving $143 million (in 31 days) for a job that pays 400 grand.
Think about how many homeless veterans could be helped with $143 million.
But instead that money will be used to try to convince you that Hillary is not the filthy liar that you already know she is.
If you went to these same rich elites (and corporations) and asked them to donate money to help homeless veterans they would probably shoo you away.
But to raise money for Hillary (who will keep the elites elite) well that kind of money is no issue at all.
Hundreds of millions coming right up.

Obama Doesn't Want You To Worry....The TPP Will Be Passed.......

Don't worry......It will get passed.

Sure the Republicans in Congress are against the TPP.


Sure the Democrats in Congress are against the TPP.


Sure Donald Trump is against the TPP.


Sure Hillary Clinton is against the TPP.


Sure all the voters of the United States are against the TPP.

That is all very wonderful and fine but Obama is here to tell you (and all the nations of the pacific region) that the TPP will be passed.

Get those factories ready Asia because our jobs are a coming.

We just need this annoying election to end so the voters (with their pitch forks) all go back to sleep and then the TPP will be passed.  It is a done deal.

There is no surer bet in the world than everybody in Washington lining up to Kill more US jobs.  They love it.

Killing US jobs is corporate Americas (and our governments) favorite past time.

You just keep listening to everyone tell you they are against the TPP and then wait for the election to end.  After the election it will become law so fast your head will spin.  You can take that to the bank.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

F-15 Makeover To Cover For The Failed F-35.

The 40 year old F-15 is now officially Plan B.

The F-15 was supposed to be replaced by the F-22.

The F-22 was cancelled to spend all the money on the F-35.

The F-35 devoured all the money (and time) BUT still totally sucks.

That brings us back to the 40 year old F-15.

20 years of wasted time and wasted money and we are right back where we started..

The Communist Chinese have moved forward.  The Russians have moved forward.  The United States is just chasing its tail around and around and around.

Hopefully this 12 Billion dollar band aide will keep the US competitive.

Communist Red China Insulting Obama One Final Time.......

Communist Red China is insulting Barack Obama one final time.  

No matter how big and bright the Obama smile is the Communists have made it clear they do not care.  The days of the world being hypnotized by the Obama charm machine are over.

The United States gave the Communist Chinese jobs, industries, and technologies.  Obama rewarded their terrible behavior with TWO State dinners.  

The results of all that American giving are insults and more insults.

The problems began as soon as President Obama landed in China.
There were no stairs waiting for him to disembark from his usual door at the top of Air Force One.
On the tarmac, as Obama’s staff scrambled to get lower-level stairs in place for him to disembark, White House press photographers traveling with him tried to get in their usual position to mark his arrival in a foreign country, only to find a member of the Chinese welcoming delegation screaming at them.
He told the White House press corps they needed to leave.
A White House official tried to intervene, saying this is our president and our plane and the media isn’t moving.
The man yelled in response, “This is our country!”  

The man then entered into a testy exchange with Obama’s national security adviser, Susan E. Rice, and her deputy, Ben Rhodes, while trying to block them from moving toward the front of the plane.  
On what is probably his last visit to China for a G20 summit here, there were flare-ups and simmering tensions throughout— a fitting reflection of how the relationship between these two world powers has become frayed and fraught with frustration. Over the past seven years, that turbulence with China has colored and come to define Obama’s foreign policy at-large in Asia.  (OBAMAS FORIEGN POLICY IS DEFINED AS A FAILURE.  FAILURE WITH RUSSIA.  FAILURE WITH CHINA.  FAILURE WITH SYRIA.  FAILURE WITH IRAQ.  FAILURE WITH LIBYA.  THE FAILURES GO ON AND ON.)
On Saturday, several White House protocol officers and other staff arriving at a diplomatic compound ahead of Obama’s meetings were stopped from entering and had heated arguments with Chinese officials in order to get in.
“The president is arriving here in an hour,” one White House staffer was overheard saying in exasperation.
A fistfight nearly broke out (A FIST FIGHT....HOW EXCITING) between a Chinese official trying to help the U.S. diplomats and a Chinese security official trying to keep them out. “Calm down please. Calm down,” another White House official pleaded
Twenty minutes before the arrival of Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping, the two sides were still arguing in the room where the two leaders would soon be touting their cooperation. 
The Chinese insisted there was not enough space for the 12 American journalists traveling with Obama. 
U.S. officials insisted there was, pointing to a spacious area sectioned off for the media and citing arrangements negotiated long in advance.
On Saturday, even as the two presidents finished their talk and prepared for a final nighttime stroll toward Obama’s motorcade. Chinese officials suddenly cut the number of U.S. journalists who could cover them from six to three, and finally to one.
“That is our arrangement,” a Chinese official flatly told a White House staffer, looking away.
“But your arrangement keeps changing,” the White House staffer responded.  
In the end, after lengthy and infuriating negotiations, they settled on having just two journalists witness the leaders’ walk.

Neither side was happy with the result.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Replacing All Dreamliner Engines.....No Seriously.

Replace every engine on every plane for a group of planes that have been in service less than 5 years.
That is ridiculous.
They say the blades are corroding because of chemicals in the atmosphere.
Who are they kidding…..
Jet engines are designed to operate in extreme conditions (over many hours) for years on end.
Air pollution is not the problem. Sh*tty manufacturing is the problem.
Why is air pollution not an issue for any other plane except the Dreamliner?
Why are they not replacing every engine on every 747? Or 767? Or 757? Or 737?
Why is it only an issue for the newest most technologically advanced (giggling) plane.
If it is ONLY a blade issue why do they have to replace the entire engine? Just replace the sh*tty blades and move on.
There is a lot more to this story that they are not telling you. It is embarrassing enough as it is…… imagine if they told you the real story.
Bottom line is the Dreamliner is a lemon. Everything about it is a complete joke. If it wasn’t so funny it would be serious.
In 2013, Boeing's global fleet of Dreamliners was taken out of service after U.S. regulators said they were not safe to fly until a fire risk linked to the aircraft's batteries had been resolved.
The program has continued to suffer from teething problems and lackluster sales.
(Teething problems happen in the first 6 months. We are now in year 9 since the Dreamliner was rolled out to great fan fare. 9 years is not teething. 9 years is a lemon. Lackluster sales should be expected when the planes start on fire and the engines disintegrate in less than 5 years.)