Friday, November 21, 2014

Obama Sounds Exactly Like George W Bush.....

Barack Obama = George W Bush.

They are the same guy.  They say the same things.  They have the same approval ratings.

People Hated George W.  People hate Barack Obama. 

If people didn’t like George W, but love Barack Obama they are only kidding themselves. 

There is no escaping the reality that Republicans and Democrats are the exact same thing.

If you are looking for real change you will eventually realize it is never coming.  Not this election, or the next election, or any election. 

The only thing that is coming is more of the same.  So enjoy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fukushima Radiation Off California.....

Fukushima Radiation now detectable off the coast of California. But don’t worry it is in tiny, tiny, very tiny amounts. Almost not even worth mentioning.
Oh… also millions of star fish are “melting” in the Pacific Ocean as well. But that has nothing whatsoever to do with radiation. That is just a virus. Melting viruses are very common, nothing you need to worry about.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

China's New Stealth.....

President Obama is in China this week which is the perfect time for China to flaunt their new Stealth Fighter.
The technology for their fighter was stolen directly from US defense contractors. They have been hacking and stealing US technology for years. They go in to any US computer network and take the high tech information they want, and then leave. The Americans are too inept to prevent it.
So if you think the Chinese fighter looks similar to the F-35 now you know why.
Of course the Chinese have been stealing Stealth Technology since the 90’s.
This is what I wrote on the topic in 2011.
Why The US Bombed The Chinese Embassy In 1999
In 1999 the United States (Under NATO) bombed Belgrade to stop Slobodan Milosevic from carrying out Genocide.
NATO bombed bridges, roads, power grids, and trains. All infrastructure was destroyed forcing hardship on the Serbian people and pressure on Milosevic to go. Eventually it worked.
During the bombing the US "accidentally" bombed the Chinese Embassy (Oops). At the time the US insisted it was an accident. The US said the CIA was using "old maps". That was the equivalent of says the dog ate my homework.
China was furious. President Clinton apologized over and over but the Chinese would never accept. China staged demonstrations outside the US embassies creating damage and fear.
Eventually everyone moved on.
At the time It made no sense how the US could accidentally bomb anything. This bombing was carried out by the B2 Stealth Bomber. The most sophisticated bomber in the US inventory. It used the most sophisticated JDAM bombs which are satellite guided and use GPS technology.
While NATO oversaw all other bombing runs this particular run was carried out by the CIA. The only bombing run in the campaign carried out by the CIA. The bomber even left directly out of Whiteman AFB inMissouri. All the other bombers flew out of Europe. Supposedly it was going to blow up a warehouse full of weapons but it used 5 bombs. (kinda excessive)
At the time none of it made sense. Today it makes perfect sense.
Two months before the bombing of the Chinese embassy the first US F117 stealth fighter was shot down.
It was a big deal.
The US was using the same flying lanes in and out of Serbia. That predictability made it an easier target for the Serbs. Because the Stealth fighter is black it could be seen flying against clouds at night. With some luck the Serbs managed to knock it down.
Normally the US would go in and bomb the wreckage to ensure secret technology didn't fall into the wrong hands. Knocking down the F117 was such a big deal all the local towns people came out to dance on it. It was broadcast on TV around the world making it impossible for the US to drop bombs. Killing innocent villagers would have been a PR nightmare.
What wasn't clear at the time was Chinese agents ran in to collect all the parts. They paid villagers to hand over what they collected. Those parts most likely ended up at the Chinese embassy. That is why (in my opinion) the Chinese Embassy was bombed two months later in the middle of the night.
They were probably trying to destroy the F117 parts. They failed.
12 years later that technology has found it's way into the new Chinese Stealth Fighter.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wall Street Banks Still Behaving Badly......

$3,300,000,000.00 fines to punish more bad behavior by Wall Street Banks. Even though they promised to behave, and be good corporate citizens, after the US Taxpayers rushed in to bail out all their terrible decisions.
What we now see is the bad behavior continued on. They said new regulations would not be necessary.
See regulations only stand in the way of corruption and fraud. As soon as they could start behaving badly (again) they did.
Try not to look surprises.
Between 2008 and 2013, lax controls at the banks allowed traders to share confidential information and collude with their counterparts at other institutions in an effort to fix rates and increase profits.
British regulators said traders used private online chatrooms to coordinate their buying and selling to shift currency prices in their favor, aiming to making a profit for their banks at the expense of clients.
The traders called themselves "the players", "the 3 musketeers" and the "the A-team."
The FCA said that the banks had failed to manage obvious risks, and that traders were allowed to behave unacceptably.
It is possible that the banks and individual employees will also face criminal charges (good) in both the U.K. and U.S. over attempts to manipulate the rates.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Airbags are not a new idea. They have been around since the 70’s but (back then) were not widely embraced by the public. The public was not keen on the idea of something exploding in their face….You know to keep them safe. This didn’t seem like a great idea and it was not widely embraced.
It wasn’t until Chrysler came out with this commercial (in the late 80’s) where they showed America exactly what an airbag was.
After this ad (and similar commercials) educated the public to exactly what an airbag was, and how it worked, that air bags gained wide spread acceptance.
People liked the idea of a big fluffy pillow unfolding in front of them to keep them safe. That wasn’t an explosion at all, and it certainly wasn’t something that needed to be feared. It looked especially inviting when shown in super slow motion.
Today Airbars are found in all cars, but it seems we have come full circle. Now we find out the explosion (in your face) sometimes will kill you. The disintegrated canisters can indeed shoot metal fragments through the fluffy bag and into your head or neck. It is especially disturbing that this was known (and hidden from the public) for years. 14 million cars have now been recalled.
Maybe Chrysler should start reshowing their old commercial to reassure people that fluffy pillows are still all good.
Until then you might want to avoid having an accident. As appealing as it may seem to experience the fluffy pillow, as it turns out they may still kill you. So drive safe.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Saudi Arabia Bringing US Cheaper Oil......

The price of gas is plummeting and we have Saudi Arabia to thank for it. Make sure you send them a thank you note.
There is a war going on in the Oil industry. It is the old guard (Opec) VS the new guard (USA’s drill baby drill, and the Canadian Oil sands).
All the drill baby drilling America has done is clobbered Opecs dominance. But Opec has a silver bullet.

See producing oil in Saudi Arabia is significantly cheaper than producing it through Fracking (in the United States). Likewise the oil sands have a very high productions cost.
When a barrel of oil sells for $100.00, it enables Fracking (and Oil sands) to be done. Financially it makes sense. But if Oil is $70.00 a barrel suddenly it is a lot less profitable. The lower the price the harder it is to produce through fracking.
If the price remains low it will mean US oil wells will be shut down. Exploration will be halted. Saudi Arabia is well aware and flooding the US market to help the cause.
In the short run Opec countries will also take a hit. In the long run (if US production is halted) they will once again be top dog. Better to be top dog at $50.00 a barrel (and have no competition) then make $100.00 a barrel and compete with US production.
That is the move, and we are all the beneficiaries.
It is Ironic because we were told if we want cheap oil we need to rid ourselves of Mideast oil. Today the reality is we are getting cheaper oil because of the Mideast.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Corporate Welfare Alive And Well Before The Election......

What we hear is the State Of Ct is not a good state to do business. The taxes are too high and the regulations are too much.
What we see is the State Of CT handing out free money to corporations all the time.
Corporations like Praxair receiving $30 million dollars.
This is the same Praxair that reported record profits just months ago. Record profits meaning more profit than the company has ever made before. Yet the same company turns their pockets inside out and insists on government welfare to fund their business.
When it comes to funding CT schools we are told there is no money for that. Schools must be cut.
But money for corporations (making record profits) there is always money for that.
But companies paying taxes….HAHAHAHA No way. Paying taxes is a burden.
Companies receiving tax payer money though….Yes please. Hand it over.
“The Department of Economic and Community Development will provide a $10 million FORGIVABLE loan”
Raise your hand if you have ever received a “forgivable loan”. What bank is handing those out? I have a car loan but guess what…It is not forgiveable. It is forgiveable once I pay it all off with interest. My mortgage is not forgivable either. The bank expects all that money back too.
Only a corporation can receive a forgivable loan, because it is funded with your tax dollars.
After these corporations receive all the free “forgivable” money they are only too happy to tell you how annoying the government is.