Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Infosys Fraud....Shocking I know.

What I said was these Indian workers are being brought to America to drive down wages and steal US Jobs. 

What the “experts” said is these Indian workers have vital skills and can do the work that Americans can’t do.

Tomorrow the United States Justice Department will officially announce that I am correct.  They are not smarter.  They are not better.  They are only cheaper. 

The practice being used to bring them to the United States is called FRAUD.  The price for this particular fraud will be paid by Infosys (the second largest Indians job exporter) and cost $34,000,000.00. 

That is the largest fine of it’s kind in US History.  While it is only a drop in the ocean concerning the big money interests pushing the theft of US jobs…… hopefully there will be much more to come.  Hopefully people will start going to jail.  When that happens everyone will know this crime needs to be stopped.

While the “Esperts”might continue to deny what is really going on here…Infosys no longer can.  They will be too busy looking for their check book.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Health Care Costs Continue to Skyrocket....Shocking I know.

Well open enrollment (for health insurance) is coming and people are amazed prices keep going up. For some reason people thought Obama Care was going to contain runaway costs. Hahahahahaha……

They must be confused with what Obama said he was going to do…... Versus what he actually did. 

What he said he was going to do was offer people a public option. This would compete with private insurance. Since the government didn’t make a profit (or have to please short sided investors) the price would be lower.

Private Health Insurance would have to compete (with the public option) and wouldn’t be able to continually jack prices. The status quo of charging more (every year) while offering less would have to change.

Every one (except the insurance companies) liked this idea. It made sense. People lined the streets to cheer Obama.

But once Obama became president (with a Super Majority in Congress) he didn’t even attempt to do what he said. It wasn’t even a consideration.

Instead what he did was force an unfunded mandate on people. Now people would have to go buy private insurance. As if somehow the problem all along was people just weren’t buying it on their own.

Obama Care did nothing to fix the real issue of runaway costs.

Private Insurance Companies loved this new idea. Force people to buy their products. What could be better. Obama Care was music to their ears.

But now everyone is realizing the original problem is still there. The costs are still skyrocketing.

Because Obama Care raises taxes on business (to pay for subsides to cover the truly poor)what is going to happen is companies will dump their insurance all together. This will force everyone into the new exchanges.

This is the overriding goal of corporate America anyway. First they dumped their pensions. Next they will dump the Health insurance. It might take a few years but that is what is coming. The corporations are psyched. Despite what they pretend…Obama is their guy. He is making it happen.

In the olden days companies had to entice employees to work at their companies. But today (with jobs being sent around the world) that is no longer a concern. Companies don’t care if you come work for them or not. In fact they prefer if you don’t. They can find someone in China (or India) to do what you do for a lot less. So the need for fancy health benefits is no longer necessary.

Another 10 to 15 years and employer supplied health insurance will go the way of the VCR.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Obama Care Website Disaster....Isn't outsourcing great.....

On Tuesday I posted the reason the Obama Care website is a disaster can be traced back to corporate Americas unrelenting efforts to Offshore US jobs. 

Here we have another computer consultant company who is saying the exact same thing I said. They even said it on the same day. They agree with me completely, and this is what they do.


My favorite part of this fiasco is When you go to Quality Software Services, Inc. (QSSI) website (One of the main developers of the Failed Obama Care website) they have a whole section about the importance of proper testing, and how they are so freakin awesome at it. HAHAHAHAHAHA what a joke.


“The cost of fixing an error in an application increases as much as ten times if it has to be rectified in a production environment. The risks associated with inadequate testing, and consequently with insufficient quality, are rising, particularly with the increasing complexity of multiple and inter-dependent applications. Testing is a key phase of any project, and if conducted the right way, gives a business owner an objective view of the quality of the product, increases control, and reduces risk and cost. Based on the experience we’ve developed implementing some of the largest independent testing programs for the Federal government and CMMI® best practices, QSSI built an extensive Software Quality Assurance practice that manages requirements and quality with complete traceability from inception to completion. “

Yeah….You guys are great!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Boeing Accounting" Makes everything look great.....

Boeing 3rd quarter numbers are out….lets take a peak. 

Oh look “Boeing accounting” only reports the positive numbers, and ignores all the negative numbers.   What an honest way to do business.

They are really hoping nobody notices all the bad they are sweeping under the rug.  Apparently nobody does notice as the stock price keeps going up.

All the negative costs on the Dreamliner are “Deferred” into the future.  Those costs and penalties are currently $20,000,000,000.00.  (Yay outsourcing). Next year they will be $25,000,000,000.00. 

But you should pay no attention to that.  Just concentrate on the money they are making on their other planes.  You know the planes made in America which actually work. The planes that don’t create angy customers who are now buying Airbus.

“Boeing’s “program accounting” system spreads the losses in the early years of any new airplane program by deferring much of the early production costs.”
“To date, Boeing has deferred a running total of just over $20 billion in 787 costs. That’s money already spent that is withheld from the profit and loss calculations until much later when the program is mature.”
“Three months ago, Boeing projected that the cumulative deferred costs would peak at “slightly over $20 billion” and that next year — after Boeing reaches the point where the money it’s paid for delivering a 787 is less than the money spent on building the jet — the total would finally begin to fall.”
“But Wednesday Boeing said deferred accounting costs will continue to rise into 2015 to a peak of $25 billion.”

Obama Care Private Contractor excuses......

Private Contractors didn’t have enough time to test the Obamacare Website…. Really? That is their excuse. 

Obama signed the Affordable Care act in March 2010. To March 2011….To March 2012….To March 2013…. Is over 3 years to build one functioning website.

The entire reason Obama Care didn’t go live for 3 years was…. 1) to get past the 2012 presidential election. 2) So there is enough time to build a website.

So that excuse does not fly. What other excuses do you have? Throw something else against the wall. Lets see what sticks.


Obama and Snowden

When the Snowden story originally broke, and Obama got so angry (and personally involved) I didn’t really understand why. It seemed beneath the president to care so much about one guy leaking information. 

I could understand low level administration officials discussing, but thought the President would remain above the fray. 

By Obama commenting personally he was elevating the issue, and looking guilty.

Now more information has come out, regarding just how shady our government is (not just to Americans) but to our allies.

Now it all makes a lot more sense.

Today France is mad at Obama. Germany is mad at Obama. Italy is mad at Obama. Mexico is mad at Obama. Brazil is mad at Obama. Russia is mad at Obama.

Now I see why Obama was so personally invested in getting Putin to hand him over. Obama knew exactly how bad this was all going to be.

I guess the days of Europeans lining the streets and cheering Obama (The anti-Bush) are over.

Europeans are probably missing the good old days of George W Bush. At least with Bush everyone knew exactly what they were dealing with. People listened to Bush and hated him. It was all right there on the surface. With Obama the outside packaging is so nice and pleasant. It is what is hidden behind the curtain that people are so appalled with. There seems to be a lot back there too.

In 2008 everyone really thought this guy was going to be different. He was going to fix our standing in the world. Oh well….. maybe the next guy will be different. But if the next guy is a Republican or Democrat I wouldn’t hold my breath. We desperately need a third option.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tainted Chicken Jerky From China.....Still Happening

Contaminated Chicken Jerky treats from China…….Still!

This is not a new story. This story has been going on for years. Chicken jerky treats from filthy China making dogs sick and killing them. 

3600 dogs have been sickened. 580 have died. The FDA is concerned. They call it an outbreak. An outbreak doesn’t last 6 years. This is standard filth and contamination from China.

The post I had two days ago (regarding the filthy air pollution in China) should tell the story. Do you really think Chickens raised in that atmosphere are going to be healthy? When the filth is visible, imagine what you can’t see.

This dog treat debacle has been going on since 2007, and still the FDA won’t ban the product. No matter how many dogs die, you can still buy the tainted treats. You can feed them to your dog….. but if they die please let the FDA know. It is important that they track it.

The real disturbing part (of this story) is the same FDA that is concerned about Chicken coming out of China (not fit for an animal) has recently approved Chicken coming out of China to be served on your dinner plate.

At least the dog treats say “made in China”. I have been avoiding them for years. The chicken you will be feeding your family will not be labeled. You will just have to hope for the best. It is like Roulette. You just serve it….. Enjoy it……. and wait to see if you (or your family member) die.

Your best bet (since corporate America won’t be honest….. and the government won’t protect you) is just to avoid chicken all together. Stick to the radiated fish coming out of the Pacific Ocean (that Obama won’t test either). Or the GMO vegetables (also not labeled).

Yes we have many good options.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Obama Care Website Fiasco.....

Everyone is SHOCKED that the new government website for Obama Care is a putrid failure. 

Nobody can understand how that could happen.  It is a real mystery….. 

Anytime you hear about subpar programming it can only mean one thing. 

Expensive competent American programmers were sent to the unemployment line.  Less Competent (but cheaper) H1B visa holders were brought in to replace them. 

It happens all the time, and the results are always the same….Disaster.

Here are the three main companies that worked on the government website.

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc has 746 foreign replacement workers.  http://www.myvisajobs.com/Visa-Sponsor/Booz-Allen-Hamilton/168.htm

CGI Federal Inc has 163 foreign replacement workers.  http://www.myvisajobs.com/Visa-Sponsor/Cgi-Federal/103813.htm

Quality Software Services Inc has 351 foreign replacement workers.  http://www.myvisajobs.com/Visa-Sponsor/Quality-Software-Services/441953.htm

1260 replacement workers = A terrible website that doesn’t work. 

They tell us these workers are the best and the brightest (a must have) but the results say otherwise.

These are just the replacement workers brought to the United States from overseas.  These same companies have huge operations in India as well.  CGI Federal Inc. alone employs 9500 people in India. 

Looks like they are doing a top notch job.

Repairing the Charred 787 Dreamliner.....

How do you fix fire damage on a 787 when the body is constructed as one piece of composite material? 

My suggestion would be to toss it in the landfill with all the other junk. But Boeing is actually going to try and repair it. 

 is going to turn out just great….I can already tell. This plane is a health hazard when it is brand new. After a fire and a never before attempted repair…oye.


Boeing has begun the delicate, expensive and crucial process of repairing the 787 Dreamliner that was badly damaged by a fire last July.

Because the 787 is the first large commercial jet made from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic composites, there’s no precedent for the substantial damage

To begin the repair, the jet maker several weeks ago fabricated a full rear fuselage barrel in its North Charleston, S.C., factory.

It then cut out the crown section to supply a skin patch for the repair of the jet in London, said a Boeing engineer, one of the two people with knowledge of the details.
Several other pieces of composite skin were cut from the same barrel section to provide an inventory of repair patches for future use.

A different Boeing engineer, who is an expert in composite repairs, said putting in the patch will be complex and difficult.

But he said it would have been even more trouble to take the other approach — disconnecting all the wiring, air and fuel systems and then inserting a full fuselage section that would mesh exactly with the section in front of it and the tail behind it.
On condition of anonymity, (nobody wants their name anywhere near this pending debacle) this engineer explained the likely repair process.

Boeing will cut out the skin damaged by the fire probably in a rectangular cut with rounded edges, he said.

It will cut the patch to the same size and shape and drop it into the space as a plug. The tiny gap around the patch will be filled with paintable sealant that will stretch and compress as the fuselage is pressurized and unpressurized. (What could be safer then glue)

Then mechanics will work on the inside, gluing a splice plate to the original skin and to the patch, overlapping both by about 4 inches.

The glue is a superstrong adhesive that is cured using heat blankets that are held under pressure by vacuum bags applied to the area.

Heatcon makes the electronic boxes used to monitor the temperature and pressure, which must be controlled carefully for hours as the adhesive hardens.

In addition to the skin patch, Boeing’s mechanics must also repair the stringers — the stiffening rods that run longitudinally along the fuselage — which will be cut when the damaged section is removed.

They’ll have to lay wet composite tape precisely in the shape of the stringer at the point where it was cut and cure it to hardness, again using heat blankets and vacuum bags maintaining the precise temperature and pressure. (Tape and glue….Sounds like a great plan)

All this work will be intricate and must be done precisely to ensure the glue sets as expected and the repair is safe.

University of Washington professor Mark Tuttle, director of UW’s Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials in Transport Aircraft Structures, said proving a bonded repair is sound can be difficult. (Who wants to get onboard and take the first test flight? Come on raise your hands nice and high)

“One issue with adhesive bonding is you can inspect the bond with ultrasonic inspection and find no gaps or voids, but nevertheless the strength of the bond is lower than anticipated,” he said. (I am sure it will all get sorted out at 35,000 feet. Put on some headphones and enjoy the flight)

He said Boeing will stress-test the result after the repair is finished, including flight tests with instruments attached to measure the strain on the patch.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will likely have to sign off on the airworthiness of the jet after repair, Tuttle said. The FAA did not respond to an emailed query before deadline. (The FAA doesn’t want their name anywhere near this. The FAA already said the plane was safe before the fire, like they have any credibility left)

The Boeing engineer with knowledge of the repair preparations said the company will gain valuable experience from this repair of a major composite skin section. (Yes once this repair proves to be a failure they will know exactly what not to do for next time a 787 burns)

“Chances are there’ll be issues along the way (I can guarantee it) as they figure out their expertise,” (Expertise…Hahahahaha ) he said. “It’s all brand new ground.”

Thursday, October 17, 2013

IBM Getting Pounded

The goal of Corporate America is to always be making more and more money.  That is the single most important objective.
The philosophy most corporations embrace is get rid of their American Workers as fast as they can and hire cheap workers overseas.  That is how they achieve greater returns…..or so they say. 
In 2002 IBM employed 6,000 employees in India. 
In 2012 they employed 212,000 employees in India.  
In 2007 IBM employed 121,000 Employees in America. 
In 2009 they employed 105,000 Employees in America. 
Notice the trend.  More Indians.  Less Americans.  Remember the goal….Always be making more and more money. 
Lets check the results.  How is IBM do making more money…… 
Oh look they were only off by 1.1 BIllion.  Well I guess that is pretty close.
After 2009 IBM stopped announcing how many US employees they have.  They were embarrassed by the trend.  They should be embarrassed by the results.

More and More and More issues with the Dreamliner......

8 foot panel falls off the Dreamliner in flight. They claim it is not a safety issues. Of course it isn’t…..Why would an 8 foot panel falling from the sky be a safety issue?


No working toilets on the Dreamliner. 151 passengers and no working toilets. Yes the Dreamliner is the benchmark of comfort in flight.


Deicing not working on the Dreamliner. Another emergency landing.


These are just the problems from the last 7 days. It gets hard to keep track of all the never ending issues. But I am trying.


Always remember…..Whatever you do….. never, ever, ever get on a Dreamliner.

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Assassination Of John F Kennedy

The Assassination of John F Kennedy –
Next month marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK.  That event was one of the darkest chapters in American history.  The circumstances of that day are as shrouded in mystery today as they were then. 
Pretty much nobody agrees on anything.  Who did the shooting?  How many people were involved?  Why did they do it? How many shots were fired?  Where were the shots fired from?  What was really going on? 
People have conspiracy theories about every aspect of the event.  The Russians were involved.  The Cubans were involved.  Organized crime was involved.  The CIA was involved.  The FBI was involved.  LBJ was involved.  Richard Nixon was involved. 
Pretty much anyone who was alive at the time was probably implicated (at some point) in a conspiracy theory.  
Even the most basic facts are disputed……..There were three shots fired.  There were four shots fired.  There were two shooters.  There were three shooters.  The shots came from the front.  The shots came from the back.  Nobody agrees on anything even though it all happened in broad daylight, with numerous witnesses.  Yet still nobody can say for sure anything other than the President was shot and killed. 
There have been several major investigations into the assassination and they too have come to different conclusions. 
The most famous investigation was the Warren Commission, set up by LBJ a week after the assassinations.  The commission spent 9 months investigating and concluded Lee Harvey Oswald did the shooting and he acted alone.  
The commission concluded there were three shots fired from the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository.  That is where Lee Harvey Oswald had constructed a snipers nest with boxes of books. 
The first shot fired missed.  It is theorized that bullet hit a street light and ricocheted down the street where it hit the pavement.  The bullet kicked up asphalt, which slightly injured a pedestrian. “Officially” that bullet was never recovered. 
The second shot fired was the “Magic Bullet”.  
The magic bullet is a theory the Warren Commission developed to explain how a single bullet was responsible for 7 separate wounds, on two different people.  The bullet would have traveled through 15 layers of clothing.
According to the commission the bullet entered JFK’s upper back.  It traveled through his body and exited out the base of his throat.  The bullet then entered Governor Connolly’s back (He was seated in front of JFK).  The bullet broke a rib and exited out the Governors chest.  It then entered into the Governors wrist and existed the other side where it finally embedded itself into the Governors thigh.  
The Magic bullet was found on a hospital gurney (the Governor was laying on) by a nurse at Parkland Memorial Hospital.  The bullet was found in pristine condition. 
The Conspiracy theorists have latched onto this theory as impossible.  They insist these different wounds had to be created by different shooters, shooting from different positions.  They insist there is no way one bullet could have done all that damage.  If it did do it…..there is no way it would still be in pristine condition.  
Unfortunately for the conspiracy theorists the Magic Bullet theory has been tested (multiple times) in different ways and proven accurate. 
The third shot fired was the kill shot.  It hit the president in the head and ended his life.  The warren Commission concluded that shot was also fired from the 6th floor of the Book Depository.  
Conspiracy theorists point to the Zupruder film and show how the Presidents head jerks backward when the fatal shot hit.  If the shot came from behind his head would jerk forward, not backwards.  They also point to Mrs. Kennedy climbing out on the trunk to retrieve a piece of skull.  If the shot came from behind the pieces would have gone forwards.  
Many Conspiracy theorists insist a shot had to come from the front right, in the area of the grassy knoll.  Some conspiracy theories claim two shots hit the president at the exact same time.  One shot from behind and one shot from the front.  
The Warren Commission stated 51 witnesses heard shots coming from the area of the grassy knoll.  Yet they still concluded there was no hard evidence that shots were actually fired from there. 
The Warren Commission report was published in 1964 and announced Oswald acted alone.  The response to the report was very negative.  A majority of the country did NOT believe the Commissions findings.  The commission was roundly criticized for telling a story, but not looking for a conspiracy. 
Nobody believed Oswald just decided to bring a sniper rifle to work and kill the president. 
Nobody believed that Jack Ruby just happened to walk into a secured police station,  stand a foot away from the most wanted man on the planet, and kill him at point blank range. 
Ruby shot Oswald while he was surrounded by police officers, and being broadcast on live TV. 
People felt there had to be a lot more going on…….
If Lee Harvey Oswald had lived he would have been put on trial.  That trial would have had a prosecution and a defense.  All sides of the story would have been presented and everyone would know the entire event. 
Once Oswald was gunned down there would be no trial.  That is why he was gunned down. 
With Oswald dead the Commission could tell any story they wanted.  They could talk to any witnesses.  They could also ignore any witnesses as well.  And they did.
Any conclusion the commission wanted to reach could be easily accomplished.  It has been documented there were people who knew things (or saw things) who the commission simply ignored.
One witness the Warren Commission clearly had no interest in talking to was Jack Ruby.
If there is one guy who the Commission should have talked to first it was Jack Ruby.  He was the most important guy in the entire situation.  The one living person who could shed light on what the heck was really going on.  Yet the Commission showed no interest at all. 
December 1964 the Commission ignored Jack.  January they ignored him.  February they ignored him.  March they ignored him.  April they ignored him.  May they ignored him.  It wasn’t until June they finally went and interviewed him.
 Ruby wrote multiple letters to the commission asking for them to come talk to him.  Yet they didn’t.  It wasn’t until Jack Ruby’s sister released Jacks letters to the media that finally the commission made the trip to Dallas. 
The Commissions reason for ignoring Jack was that he was on trial for murder and they didn’t think he could talk.  This is their excuse even though Jack said “I want to talk”.
Ruby’s testimony is telling.  Multiple times he told the commission he feared for his life.  He repeatedly asked the commission to take him out of Dallas (back to Washington) so he could speak freely, and not fear for his life.  He repeated this request throughout his testimony.  He told the commission his time was running out.  He told them he wouldn’t live long enough to say what he needed to say. 
The commission’s response was to say they had no authority to remove Ruby from Dallas. 
We are supposed to believe the commission (set up to investigate the death of the US President) didn’t have authority to protect  the most important witness.  
And people wonder why the Commission has been so roundly criticized. 
In the testimony of Jack Ruby it is clear the commission was not really interested in being there.  They asked a few basic questions and then pretty much just wanted to leave.  Ruby even asked them to stay longer but they didn’t see the point.
Some examples -
Mr. RUBY. When are you going back to Washington? 
Chief Justice WARREN. I am going back very shortly after we finish this hearing--I am going to have some lunch. 
Mr. RUBY. Can I make a statement? 
Chief Justice WARREN. Yes. 
Mr. RUBY. If you request me to go back to Washington with you right now, that couldn't be done, could it? 
Chief Justice WARREN. No; it could not be done. It could not be done. There are a good many things involved in that, Mr. Ruby. 
Mr. RUBY. What are they? 
Chief Justice WARREN. Well, the public attention that it would attract, and the people who would be around. We have no place there for you to be safe when we take you out, and we are not law enforcement officers, and it isn't our responsibility to go into anything of that kind. And certainly it couldn't be done on a moment's notice this way. 
Mr. RUBY. Well, from what I read in the paper, they made certain precautions for you coming here, but you got here.
Chief Justice WARREN. There are no precautions taken at all. 
Mr. RUBY. There were some remarks in the paper about some crackpots. 
Chief Justice WARREN. I don't believe everything I read in the paper. 
Chief Justice WARREN. Before you finish the rest of your statement, may I ask you this question, and this is one of the questions we came here to ask you.
Did you know Lee Harvey Oswald prior to this shooting? 
Mr. RUBY. That is why I want to take the lie detector test. Just saying no isn't sufficient. 
Chief Justice WARREN. I will afford you that opportunity. 
Mr. RUBY. All right. 

Chief Justice WARREN. I will afford you that opportunity. You can't do both of them at one time. 

Mr. RUBY. Gentlemen, my life is in danger here. Not with my guilty plea of execution.
Do I sound sober enough to you as I say this? 
Chief Justice WARREN. You do. You sound entirely sober. 
Mr. RUBY. From the moment I started my testimony, have I sounded as though, with the exception of becoming emotional, have I sounded as though I made sense, what I was speaking about? 
Chief Justice WARREN. You have indeed. I understood everything you have said. If I haven't, it is my fault. 
Mr. RUBY. Then I follow this up. I may not live tomorrow to give any further testimony. The reason why I add this to this, since you assure me that I have been speaking sense by then, I might be speaking sense by following what I have said, and the only thing I want to get out to the public, and I can't say it here, is with authenticity, with sincerity of the truth of everything and why my act was committed, but it can't be said here.
It can be said, it's got to be said amongst people of the highest authority that would give me the benefit of doubt. And following that, immediately give me the lie detector test after I do make the statement. Chairman Warren, if you felt that your life was in danger at the moment, how would you feel? Wouldn't you be reluctant to go on speaking, even though you request me to do so? 

Chief Justice WARREN. I think I might have some reluctance if I was in your position, yes; I think I would. I think I would figure it out very carefully as to whether it would endanger me or not.
If you think that anything that I am doing or anything that I am asking you is endangering you in any way, shape, or form, I want you to feel absolutely free to say that the interview is over. 
Mr. RUBY. What happens then? I didn't accomplish anything.
Chief Justice WARREN. No; nothing has been accomplished. 
Mr. RUBY. Well, then you won't follow up with anything further? 
Chief Justice WARREN. There wouldn't be anything to follow up if you hadn't completed your statement. 
Mr. RUBY. You said you have the power to do what you want to do is that correct? 
Chief Justice WARREN. Exactly.
Mr. RUBY. Without any limitations? 
Chief Justice WARREN. Within the purview of the Executive order which established the Commission. We have the right to take testimony of anyone we want in this whole situation, and we have the right, if we so choose to do it, to verify that statement in any way that we wish to do it. 
Mr. RUBY. But you don't have a right to take a prisoner back with you when you want to? 
Chief Justice WARREN. No; we have the power to subpena witnesses to Washington if we want to do it, but we have taken the testimony of 200 or 300 people, I would imagine, here in Dallas without going to Washington. 
Mr. RUBY. Yes; but those people aren't Jack Ruby. 
Chief Justice WARREN. No; they weren't. 
This goes on and on.  Clearly Ruby has something to say and clearly he fears for his life.  But the commission doesn’t care at all. 
In 3 years Ruby would be dead.  Just like he predicted.
In 1964 Ruby was found guilty and sentenced to death.  In 1967 he was granted a new trial which would take place outside of Dallas.  Exactly what he was hoping for.  Right when this happened he was diagnosed with Cancer.  Three weeks after the diagnosis he was dead.  Exactly what he said would happen came true.  He said he would not live long and sure enough he didn’t. 
Ruby told people he got injected with Cancer Cells.  Funny because the CIA was rumored to have a program where they developed a virus to cause cancer.
What else did Jack Ruby say?  Well he is on record saying 
“The world will never  know the true facts of what occurred, my motives.  The people had that had so much to gain and had such an ulterior motive for putting me in the position I am in will never let the true facts come above board to the world”
A reporter asked…”Are these people in very high positions Jack”?  Jack answered “Yes”
These statements don’t sound like a person who just did what he did on a whim. 
When pressed on what he was talking about and who was responsible he stated
“I want to correct what I said before about the Vice President.  When I mentioned Adlai Stevenson, if he was vice president there would never have been an assassination of our beloved president Kennedy.  The answer is the man in office now.”
OK the man in office now was LBJ.  Is he saying LBJ was involved in the assassination of the president?  Is that even possible? 
Well LBJ did benefit by Kennedy’s death by becoming president. 
LBJ was from Texas, and Kennedy was assassinated in Texas. 
LBJ did help set up the Dallas trip.
 The trip was scheduled 5 months prior to the event.  Oswald only worked at the Book Depository for 1 month.
See If Oswald had worked at the Texas Book Depository for the previous 25 years it would be hard to say the assassination was part of a conspiracy.  One month of employment is not very convincing that there wasn’t something more sinister going on. 
Once Oswald was dead it was LBJ who set up the Warren Commission.  LBJ was in control of the whole thing.
 One of the people on the Warren Commission was Alan Dulles.  Who was Alan Dulles?  Allan Dulles was the former head of the CIA.  He was the “former” head because JFK fired Alan Dulles after the Bay Of Pigs fiasco.
Now the man Kennedy fired is on the commission investigating his death.  He ran an agency people are questioning.
One of the common themes in all the conspiracy theories is the CIA’s involvement.  Over and over the agency is mentioned as playing a role. 
Why would the CIA want to assassinate the president?  Well in the early 1960’s the CIA was involved in a couple of high profile blunders that embarrassed the country. 
The first blunder was at the end of the Eisenhower Administration when Gary Powers CIA sponsored U2 spy plane was shot down over the Soviet Union.  President Eisenhower denied the United States was flying spying missions over the Soviet Union.  The Soviets responded by marching out Gary Powers (alive) and showing pictures of the U2 spy plane.  The same spy plane Eisenhower insisted wasn’t over there.  This was a huge embarrassment to the United States.
The second blunder was the Bay of Pigs debacle in Cuba.  This was a CIA sponsored attempt to over throw the Communist led Castro government.  The CIA assured the president the plan would work, but it didn’t.  The President took all the blame and wasn’t too happy about it.  He is quoted as saying he wanted to bust up the CIA and scatter it’s ashes in the wind.
When the CIA was working to overthrow Castro the agency formed many alliances with organized crime in the United States.  The organized crime figures were supposed to help the CIA accomplish their mission.  They failed.  Castro ruled through 10 more US Presidents.
Depending on whom you believe it is these links that would later be used to assassinate the President.
In the early 60’s The FBI (led by J Edgar Hoover) looked the other way on organized crime.  When Kennedy became president his brother Bobby was appointed attorney general.  Bobby made it his personal crusade to go after organized crime in The United States.  This did not sit well with the mobsters. This would be a reasons JFK could have been a target. It                turned out Bobby was also a target, and was assassinated 5 years after JFK.
The Warren Commission also had Gerald Ford as a member.  Gerald Ford would be President Ford after Nixon resigned.  Nixon resigned because of members of his staff broke into Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate hotel. 
Some of the burglars in the break-in worked for the CIA.  Some conspiracy theories even linked Nixon and the Watergate Break in to the JFK assassination.
By 1975 in the after math of The Watergate scandal Congress began to get suspicious of the CIA.
 At that time there was no congressional oversight of the agency being linked to several assassinations in other countries.  Now it was also being linked to high level criminal activity at the highest levels of the US government. 
Led by Senator Frank Church Congress looked into what was going on behind the CIA curtain.  What was revealed were many shady activities the CIA had been engaged in outside of public view.
The CIA was opening American citizens mail and reading it.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTLINGUAL
The CIA was engaged in programs involving mind control.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MKULTRA
The CIA was involved in programs to manipulate the US Media.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mockingbird
The Church Committee uncovered lots of shady activities our government was engaged in without any oversight. 

Funny how 38 years hasn’t changed much.  People are concerned today about the shady things our government is doing (Snowden).  3 decades ago it was all exactly the same.
The Church Committee findings led to the United States House of Representatives committee on assassinations, which reinvestigated the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and Martin Luther King.
The conclusion of the House Select committee on Assassinations was that JFK probably was murdered as part of a conspiracy. 
They concluded there were probably 4 shots fired and not 3. 
This new conclusion came from new audio evidence from a Dallas motorcycle officers radio.  This radio was stuck in the on position during the motorcade in Dallas.  It recorded all the shots fired.  This evidence was not looked at by the warren commission.  As with everything else this new evidence is also disputed.
The House Select committee did not explain who might have been involved in the conspiracy to kill Kennedy.   4 shots fired would mean two shooters though.  Two shooters is a conspiracy.
One of the reasons Congress did not pinpoint who was involved in the conspiracy is because of all the many witness deaths.  Around the times of the different Kennedy investigations there were many key witness deaths. 
These deaths came in clusters. 
The first cluster happened around the Warren Commission.  Another cluster came around the Garrison Trial in New Orleans.  This is the trial Oliver Stones 1990 movie is based on.  The next cluster was when the House of Representatives was investigating in 1977.
We are not talking about one or two people dying either.  We are talking about 100+ people. The people who died either knew something, or said something, or were going to testify. 
These deaths included police officers, FBI agents, CIA agents, reporters, and mobsters. 
Some people literally died hours before they were going to testify.  The deaths happened in different ways.  Some were outright murder.  Some were classified as “suicide”. 
Most people don’t consider having a persons throat slashed, and then being thrown through a plate glass window “a suicide” but that is what happened. 
One person was shot at a police station, by a police officer who was “playing with his weapon” when it discharged. 
One person died on a hunting trip when a hunter mistook him for a deer.  No really…..That happened. 
There are many (many) examples of strange deaths.  The common denominator is there is always a link to the JFK assassination. 
In the 1970’s an actuary ran the numbers on the probability that all these deaths just “happened” and it was 1 in 100 trillion.  Not very good odds. 
People who don’t believe in conspiracies say…. any conspiracy to kill the president would be so big, that at some point, somebody would say something. 
That is true but dead people don’t say anything.  There are lots and lots of dead people surrounding Kennedy’s death.  There are also sealed files which nobody has seen.
So what does it all mean?  Who actually killed JFK?  I have idea….. But I do know when you read the details it is real clear a lot of shady things went on.
If by 50 years after the event the truth hasn’t come out then it probably never will. 
Anyone alive today with a memory of the assassination is pushing 60 years old.  Most people alive today weren’t alive then.  Many of the important details are probably lost to history.  It seems that is exactly what many people were hoping for.