Monday, August 14, 2017

Dead Federal Prosecutor.....Just a Suicide.....Of Course...

Of course it was suicide. It is always suicide. What else could it possibly be?
37 year old Federal Prosecutor washes up dead on the beach with a bullet in his head.
The dead prosecutors name is used in telephone threats to the lawyers in the DNC fraud class action lawsuit.
Of course there is nothing to see here. Return to your lives. Mind your own business. Keep walking. Just another Suicide.
Dead prosecutors wash up on the beach all the time. It is a very common occurrence.
Case closed!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trump Takes On China.....

As a candidate Trump said he would get tough on Communist Red China.
Everyone clapped and ran to the voting booth as fast as they could to enthusiastically vote for him.
Now he is president and he is doing exactly what he said he was going to do.
It is kind of a weird concept for the American people to wrap their mind around. A president who does what he says. In this instance I 100% agree.
I have been calling for someone to get tough on Communist Red China for the past 25 years.
China is a bully. They are a cheater. They are a liar. They are a human rights abuser. They are a serial polluter. They make tainted products and gleefully sell them to your family. They put millions of Americans out of work.
Barack Obama blew kisses at China. George W Bush blew kisses at China. Bill Clinton blew kisses at China.
Finally we have someone who is going to address the problem. Yay!!!!!!!

Taylor Swift Lawsuit....

"I'm not going to allow you or your client to make me feel in any way that this is my fault, because it isn't," she said.
"I am being blamed for the unfortunate events of his life that are a product of his decisions and not mine," Swift added later.
Looking at the photo, McFarland asked Swift why the front of her skirt did not appear to be lifted.
"Because my ass is located in the back of my body," Swift said.
(HAHAHAHAHA That is so true. It really is in the back.)
McFarland also noted that Swift was closer to Melcher than Mueller in the photo.
"Yes, she did not have her hand on my ass," Swift replied.
Love it.....Good luck winning that case buddy. You grabbed the wrong girls ass. You are going to lose......

Russia Investigation......The Fix Is In....

The fix is in.......
three members of Mueller's team donated a total of $56,000 to Democrats prior to joining the probe, according to campaign finance records.
(how much did you donate?)
Two of the now former WilmerHale attorneys did legal work connected to the Clintons.
Zebley provided legal service to Justin Cooper, who helped manage Clinton's private email server.
Rhee represented the Clinton Foundation in a racketeering lawsuit and Clinton herself in a lawsuit seeking access to her private emails.
If you are going to properly conduct a witch hunt you need to have the correct people. Looks like they have them.

Selective News Reporting.....

Fake news media exposed.......
Trump Jr meets a Russian lawyer at Trump tower and the main stream media goes crazy.
They can't wait to cover the story. They are enthusiastic. They are ready to go. Let's talk about it.......Let's investigate it....... Let's keep talking about it for the next 9 months.
But When the US Attorney General was investigating Hillary Clinton corruption and she just happened to have a secret, private meeting (on a private plane) with Bill Clinton (you know to talk about the grand kids) well nobody wanted to cover nothing.
CIA controlled Washington post.......they didn't want to cover it.
CIA controlled New York Times....they didn't want to cover it either.
Nothing to see here.....look the other way and mind your business.

Duke Boys Still In Trouble.....

This freakin dude has been in trouble with the law since the day he was born.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Trump and Jobs.....

The prediction from the "Experts"......Trump will DESTROY the economy.
The reality.......The experts don't know what they are talking about.


Google, Amazon, and Apple……They want to know everything about you.
They already probably convinced you to put one of their microphones inside your home. They appreciate that. Now they can hear (and record) everything you say.
Soon they will also have a complete map of the inside of your home thanks to the little vacuum roaming around your feet.
Did you move your sofa? Well Google thinks it looks great on the other side of the room. No need to invite them in…….They are already there.
Privacy…..Pretty soon there will probably be a privacy museum where people can go and learn how people used to live. When every detail of their life was not shared with massive corporations and the government.
Enjoy your vacuum.

The Washington Post and the CIA....

The important part of this story is how did the Washington Post get a copy of the Presidents phone conversation?
You will notice a large amount of the Trash Trump National Media originates with the Washington Post.
That is because the Washington Post (which is owned by Amazons Jeff Bazos......Now the richest man on Earth) is aligned with the CIA.
The CIA hates trump. The CIA controls the media. The CIA spies on Trump. That is how the Washington Post is the source of most of these Trash Trump stories.
Your free and fair press is neither free or fair. It is controlled by the government. You hear what they want you to hear. That is it. That is how we end up with a country full of fake and slanted news.
The Washington Post has obtained transcripts of two conversations President Trump had with foreign leaders: one with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and another with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.
The Post is publishing reproductions rather than original documents in order to protect sources. (CIA)

The Washington Post in Bed with the CIA from 2014.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Smart Wall....Virtual Wall....Waste Of Money....

You don’t need to build a real wall………
You can build a "smart wall".
Give a Billion dollars to corporate American and they will give you all kinds of shiny beads and sparkling glitter.
You will love it.
Don’t build a real wall. Real walls are bad. Real walls are expensive. Build an imaginary wall…..It will save you money (chuckle…chuckle)
They really just think you are a dumb azz. They think you don’t remember that we already played this Billion dollar game.
The year was 2005. George W Bush promised a wall. Boeing talked him into making much of it a “virtual wall”.
It would be just as effective as a real wall and cheaper too. (It is hard to hold in the laughing).
It would have cameras and sensors and blah…blah….blah… would be fantastic.
6 years later (and a Billion Dollars gone) it was cancelled as a complete failure. It didn’t work. It wasn’t cheaper. It did nothing to stop illegal immigration.
So here we are 6 years later (again) and they want to do it all over again.
Smart wall…..Yayyyyy!
How about NO!
Build a wall or don’t build a wall……. I could care less. But stop wasting money on stupid sh*t.

In 2011 Virtual Wall being cancelled.

Write your congressmen and tell them you are not an idiot. You are not falling for this a second time.

Fukushima Water.......Dump it!

At Fukushima one of the major problems is what to do with all the contaminated water.
There is lots of it.
Rain water flows into the facility on its way to the pacific.
So they tried to build an ice wall around the entire complex so water can’t flow in.
That failed.
But it was good PR and wasted some time.
Then they also need to keep pumping new water into the melted reactors to keep them cool..... but what do you do with the water then?
So they built storage tanks to hold it all.
Over the years they have built more and more and more storage tanks promising that one day they will decontaminate the water.
Now after 6 years the tanks are all full and instead of decontaminating the water (as they promised) they are going to just dump it all in the Pacific. F*ck it.
People are not happy.
If that was the plan (the whole time) why even go through the charade of building tanks. Because building storage tanks w
Is good PR.
Anyhow if your sushi tastes a little metallic in the future now you know why.
The US media will not tell you any of this either because there has been a complete US media blackout on Fukushima for the last 6 years.
The less you know the better.