Thursday, September 20, 2012

Panetta Stonewalled In China

BEIJING — Despite several years of escalating diplomacy and warnings, the U.S. is making little headway in its efforts to tamp down aggressive Chinese cyberattacks against American companies and the government.  Put me in charge.  I will fix the issue in one day.
U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who is wrapping up three days of meetings with military and civilian leaders, said he has brought the issue up at every session and come away with little more than agreements to talk again.
Meanwhile, cybersecurity analysts say the computer-based attacks emanating from China continue unabated, and in fact are expanding and focusing more intently on critical American oil, gas and other energy companies.

"No diplomatic actions have made a difference," said Richard Bejtlich, chief security officer for the Virginia-based cybersecurity firm Mandiant. "They remain aggressive — they're kicked out one day and try to get back in the next day."

Efforts by officials across the U.S. government have not seemed to have any impact, Bejtlich said, adding: "The Chinese don't seem to care. So I don't have any hope that the dialogue is reaching anyone of any note."  They will care when the USA cuts off all trade with China.  They will care when the freighters approach the port of San Diego and are told to turn around and go home.  They will care when corporate America is forced to bring all the factories home in order to sell into the United States.  If today the Chinese don’t care that is only because the US government isn’t trying hard enough.  I could get them to care in about 3 minutes.

But nine months ago senior U.S. intelligence officials for the first time publicly accused China of systematically stealing American high-tech data for its own national economic gain. It was the most forceful and detailed airing of U.S. allegations against Beijing after years of private complaints, and it launched a more open push to combat the attacks.  9 months ago…..I have been accusing China for over 10 years.  The US Government should really read my emails and then maybe they would know what is going on in the world.

Bejtlich and others describe a hierarchy of hackers in China that includes three main groups: those who are employed directly by the government, The same government Bill Gates handed over the source code to Windows in 2003 allowing all this all to happen in the first place.  Is he in handcuffs yet?  those who are affiliated with universities or quasi-government agencies and the so-called patriotic hackers who work on their own but direct their attacks against the U.S. and Western interests.

Walmart VS Amazon

Wal-Mart said Thursday that it will stop carrying Amazon Kindle products in its stores after inventory is depleted and pending orders are filled.

Target announced in May that it would no longer sell Kindle devices.

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, competes fiercely with Amazon, which is ambitiously expanding the number of goods and services that it delivers straight to its customers — often through devices such as the Kindle e-reader and the Kindle Fire tablet.

Retailers have been particularly critical of the online marketplace and its contribution to the trend of “showrooming.” They complain that customers often come into their brick-and-mortar stores to see or try out products that they’re interested in buying, only to leave and purchase the goods online, where customers often don’t have to pay sales taxes.

That practice gives online retailers an unfair advantage, David French, senior vice president of government relations at the National Retail Federation, told The Washington Post in July. “You’ve been doing all of the work, and then the online competitor steals the sale,” French said.

It is funny listening to Walmart complain about fairness.  The company that has driven out every mom and pop store across America.  The company which is famous for abusing their own employees and paying sh*t wages.  A company that goes out of its way to create as many products which say Made In China as possible.  A company that is delighted the more unemployed Americans there are.  But now Walmart is crying foul.  Oh No it is not fair……Boo Hoo…..   Yes because Walmart is all about fair.

Apple maps getting trashed.

Apple’s Maps app just isn’t smart. A search performed just a few days ago for a restaurant I was standing no more than 100 feet away from yielded a result in Kansas. I was in New Jersey at the time. While I’m sure Kansas has terrific Chinese food, Google Maps would have known that serving a result 1,100 miles away probably isn’t as smart as serving a result 100 feet away.

A recent search for an address on Broadway in Manhattan would only return a result on West Broadway — an entirely different street. Sometimes, even after I tap the locate button and the app has pinpointed my location, searches for business names or addresses yield results in different towns or even different states when there are closer, far more logical results to be found. It’s just not smart.

Obamas magical green economy that never happened.

2008 Barck Obama promising to invest 150 Billion dollars to create 5 million new Green jobs that CAN’T BE OUTSOURCED.

2012 The 5 million jobs never happened and the jobs that did happen are all going away quickly.  Turns out they could be outsourced after all.

But by the time the last of the devices , worth more than $1.25 million, was hitched to a rail car, Gamesa had all but shut down its factory here and furloughed 92 of the workers who made them.

Similar cutbacks are happening throughout the American wind sector, which includes hundreds of manufacturers, from multinationals that make giant windmills to smaller local manufacturers that supply specialty steel or bolts. In recent months, companies have announced almost 1,700 layoffs.

At its peak in 2008 and 2009, the industry employed about 85,000 people (Not 5 million), according to the American Wind Energy Association, the industry’s principal trade group.
Many of those jobs have disappeared, as wind companies have been buffeted by weak demand for electricity, stiff competition from cheap natural gas and cheaper options from Asian competitors. Chinese manufacturers, who can often underprice goods because of generous state subsidies (Chinese protectionism), have moved into the American market and have become an issue in the larger trade tensions between the two countries. In July, the United States Commerce Department imposed tariffs on steel turbine towers from China after finding that manufacturers had been selling them for less than the cost of production.  I thought you couldn’t use tariffs.  I thought tariffs were bad.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Rich Got Richer....Again!

The Republicans are correct.  Obama is redistributing all of the wealth and it is going straight to the rich people.  The Republicans should be thrilled.

Avg net worth of richest Americans hits record $4.2 bln

The net worth of the richest Americans grew by 13 percent in the past year to $1.7 trillion.

The average net worth of the 400 wealthiest Americans rose to a record $4.2 billion, up more than 10 percent from a year ago, while the lowest net worth came in at $1.1 billion versus $1.05 billion last year,

"The gap between the very rich and merely rich increased and helped drive up the average net worth of The Forbes 400 members to an all-time record $4.2 billion,"

Collectively, this group's net worth is the equivalent of one-eighth of the entire U.S. economy, 

the 13 percent growth in the wealth of the richest Americans far outpaced that of the economy overall, helping widen the chasm between rich and poor.

Gates, the chairman of Microsoft Corp., topped the list for the 19th year in a row, with $66 billion, up $7 billion from a year earlier.  Bill is the only guy I know who can give away all his money (wink, wink) and still have all his money.  Not only have it but increase it by 7 BILLION Dollars.

So if the rich people are the job creators……  Where are all the job?  Oh right they are in China.  I keep forgetting