Friday, April 17, 2015

Jobs Will Be Protected......Sure They Will.....

"The politics around trade has always been tough, (Because all the Jobs always leave and never come back) particularly in the Democratic party, because people have memories of outsourcing (Yes we do) and job loss (lots of it) ," Obama said Friday.
He promised that trade pacts would have strong labor (LIAR) and environmental protections (LIAR) and would help working families (LIAR!!!!!!)
"I didn't get elected because of the sponsorship of the Business Roundtable and the Chamber of Commerce (YES YOU DID!). They're not the ones who brought me to the dance," (LIAR) he said.
(Obama spent $1,101,000,000.00 to win reelection in 2012.
Who gave him that money? Did you give him any? Because I didn’t. But somebody did and they expected something in return. Here is Obama doing his part to pay back old debts. The US political system is rock solid…..As long as you have money. Pay to play.)
Obama's remarks come as Congress puts the finishing touches on trade promotion authority bill that would streamline congressional approval for trade deals. That legislation, Obama noted, is different from the terms of the deals themselves (Nobody has seen the terms of the deal themselves because they are REAL bad for US workers. Better to keep those details secret.) — and specifically, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Killing US Jobs brings Republicans and Obama Together......

More evidence that the Republicans are complete frauds.
Two weeks ago the Republicans demanded that Congress is a coequal branch of the government. Any deal with Iran would have to come through them. The president isn’t the only one with the Powers and the Congress would not be ignored in any process. Their seat at the table was going to be there for anything the President wants to do. Take that Obama.
But today when the President wants to send all the US jobs to the Pacific region (as quickly as possible) those same Republicans have no problem seeding all the authority to the President.
Republicans hate US Workers which works our well because the President also hates US workers. So there is really nothing to argue about. Give the president all the authority to sign the worst trade agreement ever and lets get this done already. No reason to hold things up. The faster Corporate American can start emptying out cubicles the happier they will be.
Not like the President has to care. He is never running for office again. In two years he will start going around the country charging 200K per speech. Who do you think is going to be paying for those speeches? You think it will be unemployed Americans? or Filthy Rich Corporations? Corporations that Obama helped purge of their incredibly annoying, high priced, Over sensitive American workers.
Over in the Pacific you don’t have to follow environmental rules. It is fantastic. Just dump the garbage in the Ocean. It is easy…It is fast…..Who gives a sh*t……You see how much trash is in the ocean thanks to countries in the Pacific.
It is the best. All the same countries that Obama can’t wait to send our jobs too are all the top polluters in the world. That is not a coincidence.
Yup Republicans are just fine letting their good buddy President Obama take the lead. True Bipartisanship….How nice!
All you have to do is sit home and start working on that resume. If Obama and his Republican pals have their way you will need it real soon.

GM Off The Hook....

GM Is not responsible for their sh*tty cars made before their 2009 bankruptcy.
See those cars were made by “Old GM”……… Today’s cars are made by “New GM”…….. Same factories. Same name plates. Same shady executives. But we are to believe it is a completely different company. At least when it comes to lawsuits.
When old GM made ignition switches that accidently turned your car off (if you had too many keys on your key ring) causing the steering wheel to lock up…….. and the car to careen off the road and into the oak tree……… Well that is sad and unfortunate but the New GM is not responsible for that. Not responsible even though the “New GM” issued a recall to fix the problem. But….. according to the bankruptcy judge they cannot be sued because it is now a completely different company. Sure it is…….
Bankruptcy has worked out great for GM. They unloaded their debt. They unloaded their retiree obligations. They got billions of your tax dollars. And now they are not responsible for their deadly cars. The deadly cars which they covered up and hid from you.
In 2004 when GM stopped producing Oldsmobile they had a hard time finding buyers for the remaining stock. Nobody wanted to buy a car from a car company that was going away. So GM ran commercials taughting that Oldsmobile was backed by GM. This was supposed to breed confidence that GM is a rock solid company who had your back. That Rock solid company was bankrupt 6 years later and now they are no longer backing anything. Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Buick, Chevy…You name it and if it was made before 2009 they no longer have to care. Great deal for them.
In 2005 the Republicans in Congress passed bankruptcy reform. The reform made it a lot harder for you (the individual) to run up debt and just walk away in bankruptcy. Republicans felt you needed to be more responsible. Republicans felt that you needed to be more accountable. But as we see corporations don’t need to be responsible or accountable. They can do whatever they want and simply brush their hands and walk away.
The good news is the “New GM” just reported fantastic profits. Profit is up 91% from just one year ago. They are going to share that profit with their investors. How nice.
That profit will go even higher now that they don’t need to pay for all the people they have killed. But please don’t let their celebrating distract you from mourning your loved one….. The ones who careened into the Oak tree. You do your thing.

MH360 is almost found.....definitely....Maybe...Probably not

“The experts are so confident that we’re searching in the right place that they don’t countenance that there’s any other possibilities really,’’ Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss told The Australian yesterday. “And they keep re¬doing the work and keep coming up with the same answers.’’
(They come up with the same answers but they never come up with any plane)
While the strip of seabed near to the so-called seventh arc was considered the area most likely to contain the wreckage, the variability in the analyses used to reach this conclusion means it could be outside this area.
(Wait a second ago there couldn’t be any other possibility, but two paragraphs later there are variability’s and they could be completely wrong.)
The complex analyses of the handshakes, or communication pings, between the plane and an Inmarsat geostationary satellite was combined with assumptions about where the plane turned and how the Boeing 777-200ER kept flying until its fuel was exhausted.
(Assumptions about where the plane turned….. What are those assumptions based on? What if the plane turned 50 miles later? What does that do to their calculations? Why do they assume it flew till it ran out of fuel? What if it didn’t run out of fuel? What if it was crashed an hour before it ran out of Fuel? What does that do to their assumptions and calculations? Seems to me the Indian Ocean is a really big place …….and they don’t really have any idea at all.)
A problem for the searchers included the fact that the analyses generated thousands of possible tracks across a broad area. (Thousands of possible tracks but they are 95% sure they are looking in the right one. All based on nothing.)
The search area of 60,000sq km compared with 17,000sq km for the downed Air France flight 447, which ¬squawked information as it hit problems but still took almost two years to find.
(So this search area is 3.5 times bigger than the France Air search and the France Air flight they had wreckage. This plane they have NOTHING…Not anything at all……But yet are still 95% sure they are correct……OK If they say so.)
“The expert panels all around the world are so convinced that the satellite connections and ¬seventh arc is where it is, they’re talking about basically zero per cent options for anything else.’’
(WOW zero percent chance it could be anywhere else. That doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room.
That is true even though there are multiple eye witnesses who say a large, loud, strange plane flew over Maldives on the same night……
But that can’t possibly be anything….. because the Maldives are way far away from where they are 95% sure the plane is. So just discount that idea all together and just keep doing what you are doing. Seems to be working out fine.)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tax day...The Day We Celebrate Companies Paying No Taxes......

$23,000,000,000.00 in profits and $0.00 paid in US Taxes.
When the companies are done paying no taxes they love to bellyache about how unfair US Corporate Tax system is.
They will whine and complain to anyone who will listen about how the USA has the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Boo hoo……..Then the camera turns off and they laugh out loud about how they paid no taxes of any kind. In fact some paid no taxes and then got a refund to boot. It is a great deal if you can get it.
These companies want all the rights and privileges of being in the United States and they have no problem waving the American flag in front of their corporate headquarters. They are red white and blue through and through……..As long as they don’t have to pay a dime in taxes.
Make sure you pay your taxes though. It is your duty.
Together, they paid no federal income tax in 2014, despite profits totaling $23 billion. CTJ's (Citizens for Tax Justice) point is that these companies are not anomalies, they are examples.
Most people agree that corporate taxation is broken, even the companies themselves. Congress has long discussed a quid pro quo of closing the loopholes in return for lower corporate tax rates.
CTJ calls that solution preposterous, as it would essentially reward borderline-immoral behavior.
"The revenues raised from eliminating corporate tax subsidies should not be given right back to corporations in the form of tax-rate reductions," the report says. "Instead, as the vast majority of Americans understand, these desperately needed revenues should be used to address our nation’s fiscal problems and to make critically needed public investments in our nation’s future."

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Secret Service and Their Many, Many, Many issues......

The United States Secret Services used to only have embarrassing things occur once every couple of years.
Then they started having embarrassing things happen once every couple of months.
Now they are having embarrassing things happening once every couple of days.
For an agency as important as the Secret Service this really needs to get cleaned up.
April 10th.
An off-duty member of the Secret Service’s uniformed division was arrested Friday morning after allegedly trying to kick in the front door of his former girlfriend’s apartment.
Arthur E. Baldwin, 29, was charged with first-degree burglary and destruction of property. According to D.C. Superior Court charging documents, police arrived at the apartment in the 3200 block of D Street SE and noticed dents, broken hinges and a boot print on the front door. Also, two apartment windows were shattered.
The woman — who according to the report was crying, shaking and “appeared to be in fear of her life” — told officers that her ex-boyfriend wouldn’t “leave me alone.”
Baldwin, according to the report, left the scene before officers arrived. The woman told the responding officer that her ex-boyfriend was a police officer and that she did not want him to lose his job.
Minutes later, according to the charging documents, Baldwin, who was in uniform, returned to the apartment. The responding officer asked Baldwin for his service weapon, and Baldwin told the officer that the pistol was in his vehicle in a book bag. The officer recovered a Sig Sauer 229 with one magazine loaded with live ammunition.
Baldwin was placed on administrative leave and his security clearance was suspended. The Secret Service is also investigating the incident, Leary said.
April 9th
A female employee accused Xavier Morales, a supervisor within the agency, of assault after he made sexual advances at her
"The woman told police and agency investigators that Morales, her boss, told her during the party at Capitol City Brewing Company that he was in love with her and would like to have sex with her," and later tried to kiss her in the office,
During the incident, he "grabbed her arms when she resisted" and the two tussled until Morales gave up
the March 31 party was in celebration of Morales' new assignment as head of the Louisville field office.
A Secret Service spokesperson confirms that Morales was placed on administrative leave and his security clearance was suspended.
This incident was first reported on April 2, and Secret Service Director Joe Clancy was briefed that afternoon.
Clancy called the allegations "very disturbing."
But wait….There is more…..
Lets not forget the two agents being investigated for being drunk and driving into a crime scene.
But wait there is more……
Lets not forget the Secret Service allowing a man to jump the white house fence. Run across the lawn, up the stairs, and into the front door of the White House. Then he continued through part of the first floor before someone decided to stop him.
Still not convinced there is a problem. That is fine because I am not done.
There was also the armed man (with an arrest record) allowed on the same elevator with the President.
All of those examples are just in the last year.
Want to go back further,,,,,,No problem.
There were the agents who bought hookers in South American and then tried not to pay for their activities.
Some agents pride themselves on keeping a low profile on the road and won’t say they work for the Secret Service, even if they let on that they’re in law enforcement. But others in Cartagena that night reportedly bragged that they worked for Obama. Huntington had played the Secret Service card on previous trips as a way to attract women. Agents say that when they roll into town on a presidential visit, it’s obvious to women in bars and clubs that the big guys from out of town are there on official business. “Rock stars without guitars,” some have called themselves.
Huntington and his friends were partying like rock stars, pounding drinks, dancing, buying bottles of vodka “like they were buying water,
about ten other Secret Service agents joined Huntington, including Joe Bongino, who was also married. Huntington and Bongino worked together on the agency’s Counter Assault Team. These are marksmen whose job is to stop any attack on the President when he’s in public. Agents say that the bonds among CAT members are extraordinarily tight, even within the famously fraternal Secret Service.
As Huntington flirted with Suarez, Bongino took an eye to her friend. Eventually, they paired off and headed back to the Hotel Caribe, a couple of miles away.
It’s not clear whether Huntington realized Suarez was an escort. Those who know him say he’s not the kind of guy who needs to pay for sex—he’s hot and he knows it. But on their way back to the hotel, Suarez claims, she stopped to buy condoms and told Huntington that if they were going to spend the night together, he’d have to give her “a gift” afterward. She says that when she named her price—$800—Huntington didn’t flinch. They continued on to the hotel.
Huntington had previously had affairs with at least three women he’d met while traveling with the President,
When Huntington and Suarez reached the Hotel Caribe, he registered with the front desk that he was bringing a guest back to his room, as was required by hotel policy. After what Suarez described as “normal” sex, Huntington passed out.
At 6:30 the next morning—Thursday, April 12—the front-desk clerk called Huntington’s room and said it was time for his guest to leave. Suarez asked for her payment. “I tell him, ‘Baby, my cash money,’ ” she later told the New York Times.
What happened next is a matter of dispute. Huntington’s version, according to sources familiar with his claims, is that he never knew Suarez was a prostitute and he told her to leave when she asked for money. Suarez—who later wrote a book about her night with the agent—claimed there was no misunderstanding and that she had clearly set her price before she went to the hotel.
Huntington gave Suarez the equivalent of about $30 in local currency and demanded she get out. “Let’s go, bitch. I’m not going to pay you,” he said, according to Suarez, and shoved her out the door.
Suarez banged on the door of Bongino’s room, across the hall, where her friend—who didn’t ask to be paid—had spent the night. Suarez demanded that Bongino come up with the money to pay her. Suarez said that she threatened to call the police and that Bongino pleaded with her not to. He eventually went from room to room, asking his Secret Service brothers for “scoots,” the term they use for local currency, or any US dollars they could spare. Bongino came up with $250 in mixed currency and gave it to Suarez.
During the commotion, a Colombian police officer, apparently stationed on the hotel floor, inquired about the argument and told Bongino he should pay Suarez. There are conflicting accounts about whether the police officer was advocating for Suarez or merely suggesting to Bongino that he give her the money to keep her quiet. But once she had the money—about a third of what she claimed she was owed—Suarez left the hotel with her friend and got into a cab. They never reported the incident.
Huntington was hardly the only agent who brought a woman back to his room that night. Nine men paid or solicited prostitutes, according to a Secret Service investigation. One man even brought back two women, who he later said he didn’t know expected to be paid. Only a few men had sex with women they hadn’t solicited.
But wait there is more…….
There was also the violent schizophrenic unqualified sign language interpreter that the Secret Service allowed within feet of the President.
If you want to go back further than this I can keep going but I think the point is clear. The US Secret Service has some issues.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

25 Years of The Hubble Telescope......

25 Years of Hubble. One of the most significant projects NASA has accomplished.
The NASA Hubble Space Telescope released into Earth orbit by the space shuttle Discovery on April 24, 1990
has made over 1,000,000 observations
has motivated scientists to write over 12,700 scientific papers based on its discoveries
Hubble captured over 570,000 images of 30,000 celestial objects.
it made more than 110,000 trips around the Earth.
Hubble is 13.3 meters long and weighs 24,500 pounds. It has a 2.4 meter primary mirror and generates 10 terabytes of new data every year.
Hubble’s four main instruments observe in the near ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared spectra. The telescope is named after the famous astronomer, Edwin Hubble.
Hubble’s orbit above the Earth’s distorting atmosphere allows astronomers to make the very high resolution observations essential to open new windows onto planets, stars and galaxies. Hubble can access the otherwise invisible ultraviolet part of the spectrum, and also has access to areas of the infrared not visible from the ground.
Hubble could survive into 2020, said NASA.
Hubble’s successor, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), is scheduled for launch in 2018.

Jeeps Unsafe Gas Tanks Design.........

In the 1960’s and 70’s the gas tanks on most cars was located under the trunk. Cars were bigger and it wasn’t a huge deal to have the gas tank outside the frame of the car.
In the 1980’s cars got smaller and incorporated crumple zones to make them safer. To protect the gas tank most car companies moved the gas tank in front of the rear axle (beneath the back seat).
The rear axle is one of the strongest components on any vehicle. It is solid steel and can withstand almost anything.
When the World Trade Center was bombed in 1993 the way they figured out who did it was by the rear axle. It survived and they pulled the serial number from it. The truck was obliterated but the axle remained.
Same thing with the Oklahoma City bombing. The truck bomb wiped out half the building but the axle survived. It was found a block away in the middle of the street. That is how they traced the vehicle to Tim McVeigh.
The point is using the rear axl as protection for the gas tank is a smart move. Unfortunately there are some engineers at Chrysler who aren’t very bright. They moved the gas tank back outside the frame and behind the axle. This caused explosions and fires when rear end collisions occurred. 75 people have been killed. Chrysler is being held accountable.
If you own a jeep with the gas tank outside the frame you should get rid of it. They are not safe.