Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NFL Expanded Season is on its way........

The NFL is moving the draft to May.  They have been pushing their entire offseason program back for months.  They are doing this to prepare for a new 18 game seasons, or expanded playoffs.   Sure the players already said they will not accept a longer season.  I am sure the owners chuckled at that.  
A longer season opens players up to more injuries. An NFL player’s career is already extremely short and not guaranteed.  Sure the owners heard the players concerns…… but they don’t care.  Not even a little bit.  
The owners are all Billionaires who NEVER hear no for an answer.  Sure players may say no.  They may even scream no.  The owners just smile (nod their head) and do whatever they want.  When it is time to make the changes (official) the owners will throw a some insignificant concessions at the players.  Then the players will accept and claim victory. 
The owners hold all the power.  The players hold no power at all.  The owners pocket billions sitting up in their luxury boxes.  The players make a fraction and end up with life long injuries and ailments. 
The owners say they are concerned about player safety but really they are just concerned about making more money.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


It is funny watching Don Rumsfeld make the media rounds trying to sell his new book.

Every interview they ask what he thinks about Obama…… 

He goes on to talk about how he hopes the truth comes out about Benghazi…Really? The truth Don????? That is what you are concerned about? 

Don is upset 4 patriotic Americans were killed at Benghazi. Really? I remember when Don WASN’T concerned (at all) about the truth coming out in Iraq? 4000 patriotic Americans lost their lives there, and Don didn’t seem concerned at all.

If people want to criticize Obama that is completely fine. But the one guy who shouldn’t be allowed to criticize anyone it is Rumsfeld, (or Cheney).

When we look at his score card it is pretty clear Rumsfeld was wrong about everything. That guy couldn’t have been more wrong if he tried.

Lets review the Rumsfeld record……..

Rumsfeld said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq…… there weren’t.

Rumsfeld said he knew exactly where they were….He didn’t.

Rumsfeld said Saddam had connections to Al Qaeda…..He didn’t

Rumsfeld said The Iraq war would be quick…….It wasn’t. Rumsfeld thought it would be quick because he would implement “Shock and Awe”, and the Iraqis would be so impressed they would just give up. So he used shock and Awe ……But the Iraqis didn’t care at all.

Rumsfeld said the Iraq war would cost about 60 Billion Dollars. He was only off by over a trillion dollars.

Rumsfeld said the war would be paid for by Iraqi oil. It wasn’t.

Rumsfeld said they didn’t need a lot of troops (as they had in the 1991 Gulf War). He was wrong. Then he needed “the surge” to add more troops.

Rumsfeld said US troops would be greeted as liberators…… They weren’t.

Rumsfeld said the insurgency was just a handful of "Saddam Loyalists" and “dead enders” ….. It wasn’t.

Rumsfeld said it would all get better once Saddam was captured…. It didn’t.

Rumsfeld sent US troops to Iraq who didn’t have body armor. Soldier’s parents had to send (their own kids) body armor to keep them safe. Rumsfeld shrugged his shoulders and said “you go to war with the army you have….not the army you would like”….Good answer!

Rumsfeld thought Humvees would work fine in Iraq……They didn’t……..They needed armor…….Rumsfeld figured that out after they kept getting blown up.

Rumsfeld thought the Iraqi army needed to be broken up ….. so he did it……. That resulted in even more chaos.

The Abu Ghraib prison scandal happened under Rumsfeld……. That embarrassed the United States. Rummy kept smiling though. Nothing embarrassed that guy.

In August 2001 Rumsfeld said the US Military no longer needed to be prepared to fight two wars at the same time…….He was wrong….It did.

Yes when it comes to being wrong (about everything) old Rummy was the best.

Everyone should definitely buy that guys book and take all his advice.

Bob Dole Fed Up With The GOP Too

Even Bob Dole can’t stand the Republicans anymore. That pretty much says it all. 

This is like cookie monster saying he doesn’t want any more cookies. This is like Ronald McDonald saying he doesn’t want to eat French fries. If Bob Dole thinks the Republicans are out of touch that is really saying something.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

China At It Again........

Our good friends in China are back at it again.  No amount of public shaming will stop their state sponsored criminal activities.

“They have stolen product blueprints, manufacturing plans, clinical trial results, pricing documents, negotiation strategies and other proprietary information from more than 100 of Mandiant’s clients, predominantly in the United States.

“In 2011, it attacked RSA, a maker of data security products used by American government agencies and defense contractors, and used the information it collected from that attack to break into the computer systems of Lockheed Martin, the aerospace contractor.”

“More recently, security experts said, the group took aim at companies with access to the nation’s power grid. Last September, it broke into the Canadian arm of Telvent, now Schneider Electric, which keeps detailed blueprints on more than half the oil and gas pipelines in North America.”

“Other Chinese organizations and scholars cited American and Israeli cyberattacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities as evidence of American hypocrisy.

(The difference is Iran is not our friend.  China is supposed to be our friend (Wink Wink)  China shakes our hand (smiles) and then steals our wallet.  That is not normal behavior between friendly countries.  We don’t have these issues with England.)

“Jawboning alone won’t work,” Mr. Blair said Saturday. “Something has to change China’s calculus.” 

(When we cut off all trade with China I bet that would change the calculus.  When we start turning away cargo ships trying to dock in California I bet that would get their attention.  Don’t accept any container ships for 30 days and the problem would take care of itself….  Sure corporate America might have a temper tantrum but that would be a good lesson for them as well.)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Foxconn Suicides Continue....Despite the promises

Foxconn makes electronics products for big American companies such as Apple.  They employ hundreds of thousands of workers who live and work at their factories. 

Employees at Foxconn work insane hours (in horrible conditions) and get paid slave wages.  They do that so companies like Apple don’t have to pay Americans real wages (and benefits). 

American companies take those savings and stick it in their bank account.  Apple is currently sitting on record amounts of cash.  137 Billion dollars to be exact.

American companies don’t care if Americans are unemployed.  They also don’t care if Chinese workers have horrible lives. 

As long as they can make lots of profit that is the most important thing.

In 2010 Foxconn employees started jumping off the roof in alarming numbers.  Turns out they would rather be dead then make anymore Iphones. 

Those suicides started creating really uncomfortable headlines in the United States.  It was hard for American companies to be surrounded by stacks of cash (while US unemployment was at record levels) and Chinese body bags were piling up in the Foxconn parking lot. 

Corporations assured everyone they would fix the problem.  They assured everyone they were not having their products made in sweatshops. 

One of their answers was to put up nets around the factories.  If employees did jump at least they wouldn’t die.  It was OK if Chinese workers lives were terrible… just please don’t make any more uncomfortable headlines. 

Well here we are three years later and Foxconn employees are still jumping to their deaths.  Things still haven’t gotten any better despite all the promises. 

I guess the uncomfortable headlines will continue.

Madoffs Lawyers

Everyone was buying tickets to try and win the largest Powerball ever.   600 Million! 
If you were lucky (and won) you should know you will still have $100 Million less then the lawyers working on the Bernie Madoff case. 
So far they have collected 700 Million in fees.  Those lawyers are winning the jackpot all the time.  They must laugh at the hysteria over Powerball.  They don’t need to play the long odds….. they just show up for work and the $$$$$ are everywhere. 
 $25 million went to “general administrative fees”  I wonder how many paper clips and pens you can get with $25 million…… 
$400,000 went for out of town travel….You think they are staying at the Days Inn?  You think they are flying coach?
 $67,000.00 for copying costs…….Really?
 The main lawyer Picard makes $825.00 per hour. 
 Must be nice

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

John Boehner Says China is #1 Priority To Get Paid,0,4223953.story 

John Boehner says if the United States passes its current debt limit (which will only happen if John Boehner and the Republicans refuse to raise the limit….again!) then Communist China will need to be paid first. 

US troops around the world (defending American interests against places like China) will not be paid. 

China needs to be #1 because John Boehner is very concerned about protecting the United States credit rating.

Which is funny because…..

In July 2011 John Boehner (and the Republicans) refused to raise the debt limit (resulting in the USA losing its AAA credit rating for the first time ever) and John Boehner didn’t care at all.

But in 2013 it is now the most important thing.

Of course the USA wouldn’t need to borrow any money (from China) if the USA had jobs. Jobs pay taxes. Tax revenue means you don’t have a deficit in the first place.

The jobs went to China (of course) as congress (led by John Boehner) stood and clapped.

John Boehner will tell you how much he supports our troops. Everyone loves the troops….. The troops are the best. Republicans love standing in front of large American flags while talking about how important the troops are.

They are just not as important as our friends in Communist China.

You remember China…

The country that hacks our computers and rips off our intellectual property.

The country that ships us lots of tainted products.

The country that devalues their currency to gain a competitive advantage.

The country that veto’s our efforts to prevent Iran from developing Nuclear weapons.

The country that is currently threatening Japan over disputed islands in the Pacific. The USA is sworn to defend Japan.

The country that is currently threatening the Philippines (over fishing territories) which China claims are theirs. The USA is sworn to defend the Philippines too.

The country that is always threatening Taiwan. The USA is legally obligated to defend Taiwan as well.

China supports North Korea which is a sworn enemy of the United States. North Korea would collapse without the support of China. China is only too happy to not let that happen so North Korea can keep (starving their people) developing more nuclear weapons which they can then aim at the United States.

Yes John Boehner please make sure China is our priority # 1.

Proof Gun Control Works

The NRA loves to say gun control will not work.

They want you to believe gun control is a waste of time and only results in people losing their rights.

Unfortunately (for the NRA) gun control has already worked... in the United States.

Here are the statistics from the US Department of Justice (published this month) showing gun crime from the last 18 years.

These results couldn’t be any clearer.

In 1993 gun crime was skyrocketing.

In 1993 President Clinton signed the Brady Bill into law. That is a fact.

In 1994 President Clinton signed the assault Weapons Ban into law. That is a fact.

In 1994 gun murders went down.

In 1995 gun murders went down again.

In 1996 gun murders went down further.

In 1997 Gun murders went down further still.

In 1998 gun murders went down even more.

In 1999 gun murders kept going down.

In 2000 gun murders stabilized at there 6 year low.

So two gun laws resulted in 6 consecutive years of declining gun murders.

If you look at the stats on page 2 you will see non fatal gun crimes dropped for 10 consecutive years (until the assault weapons ban expired in 2004) and then the numbers went up.

So the NRA can continue their lie but now you know the truth. Gun control does work. If the existing loopholes were removed they would work even better.

Obama Administration Starting To Look Like The Nixon Administration

The Justice department is going to investigate the IRS’s unethical behavior.

So who is going to investigate the Justice Dept unethical behavior?

New Bay Bridge....A Disaster....

New California Bay Bridge is a mess.

California spent 6.4 Billion Dollars on a brand new Bay Bridge to ensure safety in an Earth Quake.
It is the largest public works project in the States history. They outsourced part of the bridge to be made in China and that work came back all screwed up. The steel had cracks, and the welds were poor.

Now they find even more issues with the bridges steel bolts and rods. The bridge was suppose to open in Sept but now might not open for a long time.

If you want to know how to waste tons of money, not create US jobs, and end up with a terrible end result…… this would be a good case study.

Not visible are the 424 threaded rods - 24 feet long and 3 and 4 inches in diameter - that are among those Caltrans has belatedly realized are vulnerable to being invaded by hydrogen that could cause them to become brittle and crack.
Caltrans can sample many of the 2,306 problematic steel rods on the span in an effort to determine whether they will hold up. However, it cannot easily inspect, remove or replace those that sit at the base of the tower because the mammoth structure was lowered onto them in pieces.

In an earthquake, the rods would perform a vital task - countering the swaying forces on the tower.
the way the tower rods were manufactured makes them vulnerable to minor cracking that could suddenly worsen in an earthquake.
"The problem is going to be that, over a long time, you start to see some cracks," said Russell Kane, an expert on metal embrittlement and corrosion who owns a consulting firm in Texas. In an earthquake, he said, "you are going to have some of those pre-existing cracks that are going to grow like crazy."
"If you have cracks in them, all bets are off," Kane said. "The thing could be swaying in the wind very quickly."

Like the other problematic steel rods on the eastern span, the ones at the base of the tower were made to an industry standard known as A354 BD. That denotes that the steel is of high strength and is allowed to be galvanized - a process in which the rods are dipped in molten zinc, intended to keep them from rusting.
But federal and state highway officials have long warned against galvanizing such high-strength steel and using it on bridges because of the possibility it will fail.
Galvanizing can seal in hydrogen, which can cause cracking. It can also make it easier for hydrogen to invade the steel through flaws in the coating, by way of an electro-chemical reaction.

Caltrans banned such rods from bridges in 2000 because of the chance the steel could become brittle during the galvanizing process. The agency made an exception, however, for the A354 BD galvanized rods on the new Bay Bridge - after instructing manufacturers to remove a step in the galvanization process in which the metal is pickled in hydrochloric acid before being dipped in zinc. They hoped that would minimize the risk of hydrogen invasion.

"Generic specifications are for a run-of-the-mill bridge," Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty explained, "and this bridge is not run-of-the-mill."
In avoiding the acid baths, Caltrans was following the advice of the American Society for Testing and Materials, an industry standards group that establishes specifications.

In March, 32 of the rods on a seismic-stability structure on the new eastern span snapped when they were tightened, even though they had not been subjected to hydrochloric acid.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Misguided Outrage

So let me just make sure I understand this…..

The President of Syria has been waging war against his people for two years.  70,000 people have been killed in civil war.

To put that in perspective 52,000 Americans died in the Vietnam war (which raged for 9 years).

President Assad is accused of using chemical weapon against his own people.  Not only an outrage but also a war crime. 

Meanwhile the Muslim Brotherhood (In charge of Egypt)  has not said one word about any of this.

Israel flies air strikes into Syria to blow up high tech missiles (destined for terrorists in Lebanon) and now the Muslim brotherhood takes to the streets in protest. 

70,000 dead is fine.  Chemical weapons is fine.  But blowing up terrorist weapons is an outrage. 

Nice to see they have their priorities properly placed.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lots of Camouflage Patterns for lots of money

For the Sequester cuts the government likes to cut things people will see.  They will cut air traffic controllers knowing it will create delays and piss everyone off.  That is the goal.  Make the public hate the cuts so they can keep wasting money.  

They don’t want you to think there is any money to be cut anywhere.  So the Air Force Thunderbirds will be cut because people will see that. The Navy Blue Angels will be cut because that will be noticed.

But here we have our government spending 12 million dollars to design different camouflage patterns for the military.  Apparently the 2 patterns the military used to have left the country vulnerable to attack.  So millions of dollars later the military now has lots of different patterns.  As a result we are all much safer. 

$100,000 to fly the Thunderbirds can’t be found anywhere.  But there is always 12 million for ongoing stupidity.

And there is no way our government can trim its bloated budget.  No way…….

Ayotte getting pummeled.

 “After watching her approval rating plummet by the double digits, Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte is now scrambling to control the damage caused by her “no” vote on the recent background checks bill on gun sales.”
 “Ayotte was one of the 54 senators who rejected Sens. Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey’s bipartisan legislation to expand background checks to gun show and Internet sales, countering a recent Public Policy Polling survey that showed 75% of her constituents supported the reforms. Her approval rating subsequently sunk by a net 15 points to 44%.”
GOOD!   This is how you beat the NRA.  Everyone likes to talk about how powerful the NRA is… you can’t possibly go against them.  But the American Voter is pretty powerful too.  Nothing speaks louder then falling poll numbers.  When most people want something and you vote against them anyway there is a price to pay.  Running this lady out of Washington will send a powerful message.  I hope they follow through.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Over 700 Dead In Bangladesh Building Collapse.

This tragedy just gets worse and worse. 

The next time you hear corporate America say there are too many regulations in the USA…..Just remember this story. 

This story does not happen in America because our regulations prevent it.  Those regulations were fought over (and won) many decades ago.  Our regulations help workers stay safe and have a better life.  Corporate America despises them.  That is why they bellyache every chance they get that we need to get rid of them. 

We used to make clothes in the USA.  Good luck finding a Made in USA label today.  The reason they don’t anymore is because it is cheaper to make them in Bangladesh.  It is cheaper there because stuff like this is allowed to happen.  Corporate America just wants cheap.  If cheap = dangerous that is fine.  The important word is cheap.

The owner of this factory took a 5 story building and built on 3 more floors.  There are no building codes.  No regulations.  Nobody to say…..”Hey you can’t do that”…… This kind of thing does not happen in the USA.  In the USA there are people who will say “you can’t do that”

The police showed up (at this factory) because cracks had formed on the outside of the building.  The police told the owner the building needed to be evacuated but the owner refused.  The owner forced the workers to keep working in the dangerous conditions and the entire building collapsed.  The result is over 700 are now dead…..and counting. 

Is it cheaper to run a business this way?  Sure is……  But it is right?  Who wins?  The unemployed American worker loses.  The foreign worker loses too.  A couple of executives get to pocket massive profits.  Good for them.  Bad for everyone else.

So take a look at where clothes are made.  Then think about the conditions they were made under.  Think about the unemployed Americans.  Remember maintaining the American standard of living is now an unacceptable cost for corporate America.  We are in a race to the bottom.  If they can’t treat employees like animals (In America) they will find a place they can.  When that happens everyone loses. 

Every time we buy one of these products (which today we pretty much have no choice) we are enabling this behavior to continue.  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Pentagon Finally admits it.....

The Pentagon is finally saying what I have been saying non stop for the past 10 years.  The Chinese government is directly responsible for all the cyber hacking in the United States.  
Well Halleluiah……  In other news the Pentagon is announcing the world is round. 
I wonder when the FBI is going to go get Bill Gates and put him in an Orange jump Suit and parade him out of his mansion like Tim McVeigh.  It was Bill Gates who personally went to China in 2003 and showed them the Source Code to Windows which unleashed this epidemic of hacking in the first place 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rat Meat sold as Lamb in China

Rat meat being sold as Lamb in China.  
This is another example of why every product sold in the United States needs to have a country of origin label.  Between the Horse Meat Scandal in Europe, and now Rat Meat in China…. nobody should have any confidence in anything they consume. 
People have a right to know where their food comes from.  People should demand every product be labeled accordingly.