Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NFL Expanded Season is on its way........

The NFL is moving the draft to May.  They have been pushing their entire offseason program back for months.  They are doing this to prepare for a new 18 game seasons, or expanded playoffs.   Sure the players already said they will not accept a longer season.  I am sure the owners chuckled at that.  
A longer season opens players up to more injuries. An NFL player’s career is already extremely short and not guaranteed.  Sure the owners heard the players concerns…… but they don’t care.  Not even a little bit.  
The owners are all Billionaires who NEVER hear no for an answer.  Sure players may say no.  They may even scream no.  The owners just smile (nod their head) and do whatever they want.  When it is time to make the changes (official) the owners will throw a some insignificant concessions at the players.  Then the players will accept and claim victory. 
The owners hold all the power.  The players hold no power at all.  The owners pocket billions sitting up in their luxury boxes.  The players make a fraction and end up with life long injuries and ailments. 
The owners say they are concerned about player safety but really they are just concerned about making more money.

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