Monday, May 20, 2013

Madoffs Lawyers

Everyone was buying tickets to try and win the largest Powerball ever.   600 Million! 
If you were lucky (and won) you should know you will still have $100 Million less then the lawyers working on the Bernie Madoff case. 
So far they have collected 700 Million in fees.  Those lawyers are winning the jackpot all the time.  They must laugh at the hysteria over Powerball.  They don’t need to play the long odds….. they just show up for work and the $$$$$ are everywhere. 
 $25 million went to “general administrative fees”  I wonder how many paper clips and pens you can get with $25 million…… 
$400,000 went for out of town travel….You think they are staying at the Days Inn?  You think they are flying coach?
 $67,000.00 for copying costs…….Really?
 The main lawyer Picard makes $825.00 per hour. 
 Must be nice

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