Wednesday, May 15, 2013

John Boehner Says China is #1 Priority To Get Paid,0,4223953.story 

John Boehner says if the United States passes its current debt limit (which will only happen if John Boehner and the Republicans refuse to raise the limit….again!) then Communist China will need to be paid first. 

US troops around the world (defending American interests against places like China) will not be paid. 

China needs to be #1 because John Boehner is very concerned about protecting the United States credit rating.

Which is funny because…..

In July 2011 John Boehner (and the Republicans) refused to raise the debt limit (resulting in the USA losing its AAA credit rating for the first time ever) and John Boehner didn’t care at all.

But in 2013 it is now the most important thing.

Of course the USA wouldn’t need to borrow any money (from China) if the USA had jobs. Jobs pay taxes. Tax revenue means you don’t have a deficit in the first place.

The jobs went to China (of course) as congress (led by John Boehner) stood and clapped.

John Boehner will tell you how much he supports our troops. Everyone loves the troops….. The troops are the best. Republicans love standing in front of large American flags while talking about how important the troops are.

They are just not as important as our friends in Communist China.

You remember China…

The country that hacks our computers and rips off our intellectual property.

The country that ships us lots of tainted products.

The country that devalues their currency to gain a competitive advantage.

The country that veto’s our efforts to prevent Iran from developing Nuclear weapons.

The country that is currently threatening Japan over disputed islands in the Pacific. The USA is sworn to defend Japan.

The country that is currently threatening the Philippines (over fishing territories) which China claims are theirs. The USA is sworn to defend the Philippines too.

The country that is always threatening Taiwan. The USA is legally obligated to defend Taiwan as well.

China supports North Korea which is a sworn enemy of the United States. North Korea would collapse without the support of China. China is only too happy to not let that happen so North Korea can keep (starving their people) developing more nuclear weapons which they can then aim at the United States.

Yes John Boehner please make sure China is our priority # 1.

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