Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Proof Gun Control Works

The NRA loves to say gun control will not work.

They want you to believe gun control is a waste of time and only results in people losing their rights.

Unfortunately (for the NRA) gun control has already worked... in the United States.

Here are the statistics from the US Department of Justice (published this month) showing gun crime from the last 18 years.

These results couldn’t be any clearer.

In 1993 gun crime was skyrocketing.

In 1993 President Clinton signed the Brady Bill into law. That is a fact.

In 1994 President Clinton signed the assault Weapons Ban into law. That is a fact.

In 1994 gun murders went down.

In 1995 gun murders went down again.

In 1996 gun murders went down further.

In 1997 Gun murders went down further still.

In 1998 gun murders went down even more.

In 1999 gun murders kept going down.

In 2000 gun murders stabilized at there 6 year low.

So two gun laws resulted in 6 consecutive years of declining gun murders.

If you look at the stats on page 2 you will see non fatal gun crimes dropped for 10 consecutive years (until the assault weapons ban expired in 2004) and then the numbers went up.

So the NRA can continue their lie but now you know the truth. Gun control does work. If the existing loopholes were removed they would work even better.

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