Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lots of Camouflage Patterns for lots of money

For the Sequester cuts the government likes to cut things people will see.  They will cut air traffic controllers knowing it will create delays and piss everyone off.  That is the goal.  Make the public hate the cuts so they can keep wasting money.  

They don’t want you to think there is any money to be cut anywhere.  So the Air Force Thunderbirds will be cut because people will see that. The Navy Blue Angels will be cut because that will be noticed.

But here we have our government spending 12 million dollars to design different camouflage patterns for the military.  Apparently the 2 patterns the military used to have left the country vulnerable to attack.  So millions of dollars later the military now has lots of different patterns.  As a result we are all much safer. 

$100,000 to fly the Thunderbirds can’t be found anywhere.  But there is always 12 million for ongoing stupidity.

And there is no way our government can trim its bloated budget.  No way…….

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