Friday, April 5, 2013

Obama going after Social Security and Medicare‏

Obama is starting to go after Social Security and Medicare. 
Obama won reelection.   Now he never has to run again.  He just started his second term and it is time to attack social Security and Medicare.  If you don’t like that idea you can punish Democrats by voting for Republicans.  For the record Republicans hate Entitlements too.  
Here is one more example of why (no matter who you vote for) you end up with the same thing.  
Democrats are supposed to be the champions of Entitlements.  If you want to protect them you need to vote for Democrats.  Republicans HATE entitlements.  But in reality they both hate entitlements.  
Now that Obama is bulletproof he is happy to show you what he really thinks.  
Is Obama going after the oil company tax loop holes?  Nope!  Oil companies are making record profits and have been for 13 years.  They are currently drilling record amounts of oil in the United States.  
When Oil is drilled in Saudi Arabia that country prospers.  When oil is drilled in Russia that country prospers.  When oil is drilled in Kuwait that country prospers.  But when oil is drilled in the USA…… only the oil companies prosper.  The country gets nothing.   Oil companies want to be able to drill on public land but they don’t want to share any of the riches.  Even though what they are taking really belongs to the people.  Then the oil companies get special tax deals on top of all of that as the politicians stand and clap. 
Obama could suggest taxing guns.  He can’t ban guns (because of the second amendment) but he sure could tax the crap out of them.  Make them so expensive people stop buying them.  When professional sports teams raised ticket prices people stopped going.  Go try and buy a ticket to a Yankees game…..There are tens of thousands to choose from.  When concert promoters raised ticket prices people stopped going.  Raising price works.  Raising prices on guns (through taxes) is a fantastic idea.  It could help public safety and (or) help the deficit problem.  So is Obama proposing that?  Nope!  
Corporations are sitting on record profits….  So is Obama asking Corporations to pay anymore?  Nope.  Actually it is the opposite.  Corporations should get tax cuts….You know to create jobs.  They have record profits TODAY and we have no jobs.  But if they receive more tax breaks they would magically start hiring more people…..In China.  
Yes the real people who need to pay are the old people.  Social Security and Medicare should be where the cuts happen.  
The rich are richer then they have ever been (at any time in history) thanks to the Bush Tax cuts. 
It only cost the government over a trillion dollars to make rich people even richer, (all while creating zero new jobs).  To pay for the deficit (those misguided cuts created) we now need to punish the old people.  
People like to pretend entitlements are welfare but really those programs have been paid into for decades.  The politicians then squandered all the money (plus 16 Trillion more we didn’t have).  Republicans are responsible for squandering the money and so are the Democrats.  
We did get an amazing military out all that spending though.  Sure it can’t defeat the Taliban over 12 years (only took 4 to defeat the nazi’s and the Empire Of Japan) but it is well funded.  The Taliban war machine (with all their crazy high tech weapons technology) has really been a tough nut to crack.  Their budget must be at least the same as the USA to go toe to toe with us.  Yes we are definitely getting our money’s worth. 
My generation is still paying into entitlements and we will get even less.  But that is OK because our generation has giant Pensions waiting for us…..Oh wait….. they got rid of all the pensions.  They got rid of the pensions……. Now they will start to get rid of the entitlements.  Our retirement is going to be great.  At least everyone can know our governments priorities are well placed. 
Republicans and Democrats…..They both need to go.  

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