Monday, April 1, 2013

USA Flexing muscles to North Korea.‏

When the United States wants to unzips its pants and show the world how big our man hood is this is what that looks like. 
Sending two F-22 planes has no military purpose.  It is simply for propaganda purposes. 
Flying the Stealth Bomber during the daytime also has no military purpose.  It is simply to get some intimidating pictures on the front page of every newspaper around the world.  The Black B2 bomber against the blue sky is an intimidating sight….When you see it coming you would be right to be frightened…… but if you see it at all then it isn’t really doing its job.  Flying during the day is only about sending a message.  The message is……..Not only can’t your radar see it.  But it can also deliver multiple Nuclear bombs.  Oh and it can also be flown non stop from the United States.  You won’t even see it coming…..So don’t F*ck with us.

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