Friday, March 22, 2013

Yankees VS Stub Hub‏

Professional sports teams (like the Yankees) went out and built new expensive stadiums to fleece their fans (of every penny they have ever earned) to buy tickets.  
Fans have been staying away in droves.  Stadiums are half empty and teams don’t know what to do.  Along came Stub Hub which is killing these teams even more.  
Rich fans go buy season tickets but can’t physically go to every game.  So they put their tickets on Stub Hub (at massively reduced rates) just trying to get some money back.  
Teams like the Yankees are irate because fans aren’t buying their single game tickets (at the box office window) for $96.00 each.  Instead fans go on Stub Hub and get an equivalent ticket for $30.00.  
The practice is killing the box office for these big greedy sport teams.  They want to do whatever they can to squash Stub Hub and the entire secondary market.  
These rich greedy billionaire owners LOVE talking about capitalism and the free market until the free market works against them.  Then they are no longer fans.  
Too bad! 
I hope Stub Hub puts some of these teams right out of business.

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